I decided to watch a 2007 SciFi Channel Saturday Night Craptacular, Ghouls. Ghouls was heavy on the crap-, light on the -tacular. I got it from Netflix, I don’t know why. I think it was because it starred Erin Grey. Or maybe I was on drugs. I abandoned it around the half-way mark.

this little light, originally uploaded by birdcage.

I never use the “blog this” function on flickr, so I’m going to test it out on this groovy photo Dr. Birdcage took of our guest bathroom.

Is it even called “blog this” ? That sounds like a challenge, not a function. Or did I make that up in my un-caffeinated state? I think I’ll lose the post draft if I go back to check. I’m just going to post it and then go drink some coffee.

I’m too distressed by Ike to post anything lucid. What a nightmare that’s going to be (and probably already is). Poor Texas.

It may at last be time to face my arch-nemesis. No, not Wolf Blitzer. Galactica 1980.

I’m about to go totally meta here, and quote from that previous post about why you don’t want to try this at home:

Here are the original posts from that first little (mis)adventure, to help newer readers understand why they shouldn’t try this [watching Galactica 1980] at home. Not without first undertaking a rigorous training regimen. And possibly lobotomizing themselves with a number 2 pencil.

Remember people, I watch so you don’t have to. I am a trained media professional and this is the big time. You should not, I repeat, not, try this at home.

And if you do, I’m not responsible for the psychological carnage. Nor will I come to your home and scrape the fetid remnants of your anguished soul off of your rug.

1) galactica 1980 marathon, part I (caution: new series spoilers)

2) Cousin Oliver gets kicked to the curb; or, Galactica 1980 marathon, part 2

3) Mormons, or, Galactica 1980 marathon, part 3

4) Galactica 1980 marathon, part 4, wherein I talk about Knight Rider instead because I still haven’t been able to bring myself to finish watching episode 5

5) Galactica 1980 post part 5; I only wish the 6th episode starred Janeane Garofalo and David Hyde Pierce

6) And, if you got through all that, a bonus post, at no extra charge: The Big Score, and a minor Battlestar Galactica (new series) spoiler

(Original post here).

The DVDs are standing by. If anyone wants to undertake this mission with me, drop me a line. Be warned that you aren’t getting your mitts on one of the lollipops and you’re going to need to know me fairly well to be allowed to babysit.

The category index for Galactica 1980 is here.

There was no addendum to the last post, I was having technical difficulties that were beyond your control.

My Spiritual Advisor has pointed out to me that, in the event I should ever need to have my factory-installed parts removed, I can ask for bionic ones. (He’s also looking for someone who’d like to give his newly designed Neon Spleen a try, should you know anyone who’s interested).

It has come to my attention that some of you folks think the stories on this blog are made up, or at least exaggerated for comic effect. Hell no, boys and girls. A recent case in my point was our recently resurrected wedding announcement.

Here’s an article from the Baltimore City Paper, “Southern Culture Hits the Skids: Rednecks, White Panties, and Blue Ribbon Beer at Sleazefest ‘99” that will just have to serve as our eye-witness.

This makes for a suffocating abundance of bands. Each band, naturally enough, wants to stand out from the rest, and to enjoy itself. It’s where these two goals converge that the nudity and explosives—the spirit of Sleazefest—come in.

Just go read the whole article for yourself. Go on now. Git!

I don’t know that I believe in ghosts, but I do believe that I believe that any truly sensible estate planning should include making a list of people you plan to come back and haunt. Just in case.