Monster Jokes and Riddles

by meanlouise October 18, 2015 books + libraries

Recently, my favorite contrarian, Casey Rae, mentioned that he was running out of jokebooks with bad puns and corny riddles suitable for precocious little girls. Being raised by such eclectically gothy parents, and being whip-smart, I knew exactly the book their kid needed, because I adored it myself: Normal Bridwell’s Monster Jokes and Riddles. It […]

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by meanlouise July 7, 2013 horror & scifi

BattleDogs trailer: We’re watching BattleDogs, because it seems like a patriotic thing to watch over the 4th of July weekend. It’s about supersoldiers. It stars that guy who was the President in the 1st season of 24. And we already watched Jaws on Thursday. The choice is obvious. So. Battledogs. Might be spoilers ahead, but […]

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sea serpent!

by meanlouise February 13, 2010 nature

I was going to go with a scientific – or at least vaguely sensible – title, but it’s early and I’m lazy. Here’s the Serpent Project website. Here’s a picture of a dead oarfish that washed up in Perth 5 years ago. Here’s the Sea Serpent page at Shadowlands, probably one of the oldest cryptozoology […]

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