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Solstice + the Bechdel Test Post

Happy Solstice, everyone!

Are you here because of one of the kind tweets about my recent post, Thinking about the Bechdel Test? Thank you to to everyone who has commented or (re)tweeted or dropped me an email.

The response has been amazing and overwhelming and I appreciate all (well, most) of the feedback. I forgot that the comments were closing today, so I’ve re-opened them for a few more days if you’re so inclined.

1 reply on “Solstice + the Bechdel Test Post”

I take exception with your assertion that someone with a degree that is in essence hollow would have better grasp of the flaws in sci-fi than someone with a hard science degree. You recently posted that you were watching Prometheus. Why, for example, would your perspective on this film have even a fraction of the insight a biologist or geneticist would bring to the subject? Why would I seek your perspective on utilizing popular culture in pedagogy when I can seek the input of a scientist and cut through the Mumbo jumbo about “understanding” or “reading” – movies are not texts and it’s asinine to suggest they be read as such. Nevertheless, a funny and fascinating blog you have here.

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