Why do I do this?

I watch the most idiotically silly and completely not-scary things while Husband is working late. Tonight it was a rerun of Supernatural, wherein Bloody Mary appears on reflected surfaces and slaughter ensues. The ghost looked rather like me (in that it had a mass of dark hair) – I knew I was invariably going to end up startling myself at some point this evening. In a mirror. I figured I would startle myself in one of the many old mirrors we have hanging around. Because the ghost appeared in mirrors and we have a bunch of them. Every time I passed a mirror tonight I laughed because I was waiting for the surprise that never came. Because of course I’m smarter than that and I knew nothing was really going to appear in the mirror behind me and eat my eyeballs.

What I didn’t expect was that for some peculiar reason, when standing on the stairs, one casts a reflection on two different windowpanes in our bay window. That means when I shut off the lights, it appeared that there was someone else standing on the opposite side of the room.

This is difficult to explain. I considered trying to take a picture to illustrate how creepy this is, but let’s just think about that. Isn’t that the kind of thing people do in horror movies, right before something sucks them down the drain or eats their eyeballs or something? Yes, I believe it is. So no pictures.

I expect my heart-rate will return to normal and I will be able to stop screaming some time around late March.

Speaking of horror movies – I guess we’re going to have to get some of the meatblogging team to go see Pig People and report back. (That link is to a note about the movie at bloody-disgusting.com – the official website isn’t loading tonight. Hmmmm)

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