I met the First Lady of France!

by meanlouise February 13, 2014 humor

Years ago, I ran into Stephen Colbert on campus. We chatted for several minutes before I realized he wasn’t a coworker, but was instead a magical television friend. That was back in ye olde days when Colbert was a correspondent for The Daily Show. (He was exiting the men’s room in our department, in that […]

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by meanlouise December 5, 2011 humor

I’m detoxing from too much CNN by just watching this clip over and over. It seems to be working out okay for me. This probably isn’t safe for work. I can never tell anymore since I don’t work with other people – and even when I did, they weren’t really safe for work.

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by meanlouise May 4, 2011 news
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It’s okay to laugh, it’s not like they were trying to cure cancer

by meanlouise April 15, 2011 news

What were the teasers like for this? “Coming up at 6, Dave Nazar reports live from the daring attempt to break a Guinness World Record.” “Tonight at 11, local reporter screws up world record bid and dashes local community’s dreams. We’ll bring you all the details.”

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I watched too much CNN yesterday

by meanlouise January 9, 2011 news

The news is making me crazier than it usually does. The unrelenting violence in Mexico, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan. Even the uncertainty over the recent rash of incendiary devices in the US Mail. Then there’s the horrifying shootings in Arizona of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, 9 year old Christina Taylor Green, Judge John M. Roll, […]

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How is this not national news?

by meanlouise October 15, 2010 news

So an angry man named Brendan Liam O’Rourke walked onto a school playground last Friday and opened fire. One of the witnesses to Friday’s shooting, Stephanie Durkee, a campus monitor at the school for 17 years, said Tuesday O’Rourke was yelling when he came on to the playground and started shooting. He was armed with […]

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Are you kidding me?

by meanlouise June 20, 2010 news

In what possible universe did BP Chief Tony Hayward think that attending a yacht race would be okay while his company destroys the Gulf of Mexico? The whole thing leaves me speechless. I thought Rahm Emanuel’s assessment was brilliant. “To quote Tony Hayward, he’s got his life back,” Mr. Emanuel said. Hayward made a lame […]

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Lewis Black on Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's

by meanlouise May 16, 2010 news

Brilliant. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Back in Black – Glenn Beck’s Nazi Tourette’s Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

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President Obama (comes very close to) visiting Artomatic

by meanlouise June 1, 2009 artomatic

Today’s Reliable Source includes a piece about the Obama’s dining choices since they moved to DC. There’s an error at the end, when they note that Friday’s Five Guy’s trip was in Arlington. The President was at the Capitol Riverfront Five Guy’s on Friday – the one next to

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Fascinating criminal defense strategy

by meanlouise April 26, 2009 news

He said: “He was dressed as a blue Smurf and nobody goes out to battle dressed as a blue Smurf. Link courtesy of JunglePete. In case I haven’t mentioned it recently, JunglePete is a rockstar. Check out the letters he got after his recent presentation about alligators to a group of elementary school students. I […]

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