Human cannonballs

by meanlouise July 25, 2013 florida files

(Ringling Brothers promotional poster for the Zacchini Brothers Human Cannonball Act) Sometimes I forget what a bunch of weirdos you all are. When I mentioned human cannonballs on facebook yesterday, that wasn’t a euphemism. Mario, the last of the original Zacchini Brothers, passed away in 1999. I found a trailer for a possible documentary on […]

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by meanlouise January 3, 2012 pop culture

I don’t believe I’ve ever neglected my blog for nearly a month, before. What can I say? Time flies. End of the semester. Lots of cookies to eat. Yeti movie marathon on SyFy. Stomach virus. Home improvement. Laziness. More cookies. Iowa Caucus. Blah. Blah. Blah. It’s cold and windy and suddenly winter here in Virginia. […]

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by meanlouise October 22, 2008 true life 2008

I was walking down the sidewalk last night (from stage left to right in this picture) and there was a large carton blocking the view of this part of the sidewalk until I was past it. Consequently, I didn’t see the “alligator” until I was stepping over the tail and my brain processed what it […]

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