Human cannonballs

by meanlouise July 25, 2013 florida files

(Ringling Brothers promotional poster for the Zacchini Brothers Human Cannonball Act) Sometimes I forget what a bunch of weirdos you all are. When I mentioned human cannonballs on facebook yesterday, that wasn’t a euphemism. Mario, the last of the original Zacchini Brothers, passed away in 1999. I found a trailer for a possible documentary on […]

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Circus Arts

by meanlouise February 15, 2013 academia

I (recently) discovered Circus Arts isn’t a normal part of most public school curricula. Me, to Husband, horrified: “But, but, but…how do kids learn how to juggle? or walk on wires? or stand up on a moving horse?” Husband: “They don’t. That’s dangerous.” Me, bereft: “That’s so sad!” I have no idea why this hadn’t […]

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