I don’t believe I’ve ever neglected my blog for nearly a month, before. What can I say? Time flies. End of the semester. Lots of cookies to eat. Yeti movie marathon on SyFy. Stomach virus. Home improvement. Laziness. More cookies. Iowa Caucus.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

It’s cold and windy and suddenly winter here in Virginia. For no related reason, here’s the commercial for the Weebles Haunted House from 1976. This was possibly my favorite toy as a child.

[embedded video: Weebles Haunted House Commercial]

I wish I had one now, but people sell them for ridiculous amounts of money on ebay and I can’t bring myself to buy one.

We survived the earthquake and the hurricane so there was only one thing to do: watch a terrible movie. My friend Carolyn and I chose Escape to Witch Mountain, which we both saw in the theater as wee children.

The 1970s were a simpler time when most children were orphans and it wasn’t weird at all for middle-aged men to adopt them and lock them away in their mountain fortresses. There were a lot more psychic cats roaming the world, too.

This clip contains spoilers if you’ve a) never seen the movie or b) aren’t smart enough from viewing the trailers or the posters to figure out that the psychic children from another planet trying to find their people and get home on their spaceship are, you know, aliens from another planet:

[embedded video]

This clip just contains outright creepiness. The marionette that appears at 1:37 is a bit sinister. And the shapely humanoid calves of the bird creature who dances starting at about 1:50? Creepy.

[embedded video]

Happy Friday!