Sam & Dean Halloween

by meanlouise October 17, 2016 halloween

#selfie #halloween2016 #halloween #plasticskeleton #halloween #delrayva #skeleton #sam&deanhalloween #SamAndDeanHalloween A photo posted by Rebecca (@meanlouise) on Oct 14, 2016 at 7:18pm PDT Instead of spinning the Sam & Dean adventures off to their own Instagram account, I’m going back through and tagging all of the photos in this series #SamAndDeanHalloween. If you haven’t been following […]

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Bike Couriers, Stonehenge Apocalypse & Archaeology in the Movies

by meanlouise May 5, 2013 anthropology

Are bike messengers still a thing in the United States? Not as in, do they still exist – of course they still exist! (How else would people get weed delivered to their office in the middle of the day?) Let me start over: I’m sure there are still courier services – I wonder if their […]

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by meanlouise March 16, 2013 wild kingdom

I love Spring. I love birds. I do not love the bird who sings at top volume in the tree outside my office window. He is Hell personified. He is, in fact, the King of Hell. Perhaps I’ve been thinking too much about Supernatural lately as I work on my presentation for the Pop Culture […]

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by meanlouise October 19, 2010 television

I’ve seen every episode of Supernatural way too many times. It’s not healthy, but I can’t control myself. I can’t even claim I can stop anytime, because that would be a lie. It seemed wrong not to re-watch at least one ghost-centric episode this month specifically in honor of Ghost Month. (Ghost Month? Is that […]

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Why do I do this?

by meanlouise February 20, 2009 television

I watch the most idiotically silly and completely not-scary things while Husband is working late. Tonight it was a rerun of Supernatural, wherein Bloody Mary appears on reflected surfaces and slaughter ensues. The ghost looked rather like me (in that it had a mass of dark hair) – I knew I was invariably going to […]

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