Have you watched the Cinefix Homemade Movies of the the Death Star Trench Run scene from Star Wars: Episode IV? Trust me, even if you think this idea is dumb, stick with it until about the 2nd minute and the genius of it will slowly be revealed to you.

[embedded video: Homemade Star Wars

If you want to really nerd out, there’s a side-by-side comparison available:

[embedded video: Homemade Star Wars side-by-side comparison]

Via laughing squid.

correction made at bottom of post

Is there a center for people with Peeps addiction? I think it might be intervention time for a few of our friends. I followed the sound of giggling into my living room and this is what I found:


From left to right, according to Rania, we have:
Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, (front) R2D2, (back) C-3PO, (front) Obi Won, (back) Han Solo, Princess Leia, Storm Trooper, Yoda, Ewok, and Jaba the Peep.