Possum Dental Hygiene (was Tron & the Black Hole)

by meanlouise August 2, 2010 movies

Recently, Husband and I viewed a double-feature of two of the greatest horror movies of all time, or at least from 1982/83. I’m speaking, of course, of Poltergeist and Flashdance. Somehow, we then got stuck in the early 80s and decided to watch Tron and the Black Hole. If you haven’t seen Tron, I don’t […]

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Sun and Moon, Sun and Moon

by meanlouise July 30, 2010 wild kingdom

I know I’ve already posted one opossum video this week, but it turns out the massage video is even more hilariously sublime than the pedicure video and I feel compelled to post it, just in case you haven’t checked it out already.

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The feet are the foundation of the opossum

by meanlouise July 25, 2010 seriously?

Pearl is a deceased squirrel who channels prophesies and advice through her (former) human caretaker. Pearl has an extensive website that features more than just her caretaker demonstrating the proper way to give an opossum a pedicure, but it’s the pedicure video that originally caught my attention, so that’s what you get today. “The most […]

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