dental hygiene

Timmy the Tooth

by meanlouise August 2, 2010 humor

I still haven’t found that dental hygiene video I dimly remember from my childhood (see the previous post), but Husband and I did laugh hysterically at this re-dubbing of a Timmy the Tooth video. We may need to drink more coffee.

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Possum Dental Hygiene (was Tron & the Black Hole)

by meanlouise August 2, 2010 movies

Recently, Husband and I viewed a double-feature of two of the greatest horror movies of all time, or at least from 1982/83. I’m speaking, of course, of Poltergeist and Flashdance. Somehow, we then got stuck in the early 80s and decided to watch Tron and the Black Hole. If you haven’t seen Tron, I don’t […]

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