Monster Jokes and Riddles

by meanlouise October 18, 2015 books + libraries

Recently, my favorite contrarian, Casey Rae, mentioned that he was running out of jokebooks with bad puns and corny riddles suitable for precocious little girls. Being raised by such eclectically gothy parents, and being whip-smart, I knew exactly the book their kid needed, because I adored it myself: Normal Bridwell’s Monster Jokes and Riddles. It […]

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even ghosts need to come out of the closet

by meanlouise June 14, 2011 academia

My haunted closet door opens too slowly for me to stand there and shoot video, but I happened to be standing nearby when it started creaking tonight so I took some pictures. It opens a bit, waits a minutes, then opens some more. It’s creepy. The sequence of photos below were taken between 45 seconds […]

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by meanlouise September 20, 1998 academia

I know you’re all sick and tired of hearing about grad school, but I had an epiphany I just had to share. To briefly recap: my secondary speciality is Communications. My advisor convinced me that taking the fiction screenwriting class would be useful to me in my non-fiction writing. My epiphany isn’t that he’s right, […]

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