I still haven’t found that dental hygiene video I dimly remember from my childhood (see the previous post), but Husband and I did laugh hysterically at this re-dubbing of a Timmy the Tooth video.

We may need to drink more coffee.

Please clap.

One Thought on “Timmy the Tooth

  1. Reservoir Carl on August 2, 2010 at 5:58 pm said:

    My best memory of an ancient instructional flick was a 1940’s epic (probably by Warner Bros.) of how a vaccination works. You see, if
    the evil black spider-thing arrives riding into
    your pie-hole on a sandwich-on-wheels after you’ve had an encounter with a weakened version, your body has become an arsenal-of-democracy kinda organism with little Elmer Fudds running around in doughboy helmets armed
    to the teeth with tanks and such…mayhaps I’ve
    had too many vaccinations.

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