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The bonobo wanted Anderson Cooper to wear the bunny suit

This, my friends, is the true promise of television fully realized:

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Moment of Zen – Anderson Cooper’s Bunny Suit
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I can’t stop watching this clip and it makes me laugh every time.

Don’t get me wrong – if a bonobo asked me to wear a bunny suit, I’d do it. Bonobos are fascinating. It’s the deadpan, Monty Python-esque nature of the clip that leaves me in hysterics.

President Obama will be going door-to-door harvesting your organs to give poor people who're just too lazy to work

I’ve been trapped in a RightWing news bubble all week hearing hysterical shrieking about the evils of healthcare reform.

Thank the gods for Lewis Black.

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Back in Black – Health Care Reform
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Strip Maul

I haven’t been able to form any coherent thoughts on Israel, Gaza and Hamas. Luckily, Jon Stewart came to my rescue and said it all for me:

I haven’t gone to any demonstrations because I always end up wedged between some neo-con guy advocating that all Arabs be rounded up, inventoried and exterminated and some jackass (invariably a white guy with dreds yelling that Israel has no right to exist.

Wednesday, wherein I deftly combine the Obama New Yorker cover and iphone references into one handy post, just to get it all over with

Granted, I hadn’t had any coffee yet when I saw this headline, but I don’t think that’s a particularly good excuse. My thoughts were, in this order, although not actually enumerated as such in my head:

1. “I can’t believe they used such a derogatory term in this headline.”
2. “Using the word “claimed” casts doubt, like they couldn’t believe a bunch of Southerners could do such a thing.”
3. “Oh. Wait.”
4. “I have just relinquished all right to ever teach courses on the history of computing or cyberculture ever again, at any level.”

The headline? “Crackers claim iPhone 3G hack.”

I know. I know. This is the kind of thing one should just keep to oneself, but it made me laugh.

I don’t have anything else about the Obama New Yorker cover that hasn’t already been said – and said much better – on the Daily Show:

Fred Schneider sings Scott McCLellan

Last night on the Daily Show they made Scott McClellan’s book more exciting by having Fred Schneider from the B52s sing parts of it. (The clips aren’t up yet, but I’ll provide the link now so I don’t forget to come back).

Husband watches politics on TV the way other people watch sports, but I have to admit that I was the one who said, in all seriousness, “John Dean needs to back off, he’s starting to dilute his brand.” Then I thought about what I’d said, and then I thought about taking a little vacation somewhere far away.

Dean has been ubiquitous on talking head shows for several years now. The people who remember, or understand, just how evil the Nixon Administration were are decreasing in number. Dean is in danger of becoming the commentator-equivalent of an aging Arena Rock band. He’s got to be sweating now that McClellan has joined the ranks of insider Executive Branch malfeasance experts who give good interview.

Still, I’ve gotten used to seeing Dean pop up everywhere, so this will require a period of adjustment. It was particularly weird to see Scotty sitting down and getting cozy with Keith Olbermann (May 29th).

I don’t have the Daily Show clip, so here’s the dance remix of that Bill O’Reilly temper-tantrum, which you should know by now is not worksafe.