President Obama (comes very close to) visiting Artomatic

by meanlouise June 1, 2009 artomatic

Today’s Reliable Source includes a piece about the Obama’s dining choices since they moved to DC. There’s an error at the end, when they note that Friday’s Five Guy’s trip was in Arlington. The President was at the Capitol Riverfront Five Guy’s on Friday – the one next to

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Ray's Hell Burger

by meanlouise May 7, 2009 artomatic

I was both relieved and disappointed that my lunch meeting at Ray’s Hell Burger got postponed at the last minute on the same day the President and his Trusty Sidekick decided to drop by for lunch. The Daily Show coverage of the coverage is pretty funny: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th […]

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I don't think this is really any of our business

by meanlouise January 21, 2009 humor

Thanks for the link, Samer!

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"Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are"

by meanlouise November 6, 2008 humor

We laugh because we care… Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are For some reason the link to this video is dead on the Onion’s website, but still plays from the embedded code.

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The Obama Show

by meanlouise October 30, 2008 politics

In case you were working or you have a single tuner Tivo and you just had to record Pushing Daisies, (not that I know anyone who’d do that) here’s the Obama Show:

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Colin Powell endorsing Barack Obama on Meet the Press

by meanlouise October 19, 2008 politics

I said I was going cold turkey on election news, but normal people don’t routinely get up early on Sunday’s to watch Meet the Press so I thought I’d report the tasty clip of Colin Powell explaining his rationale for endorsing Barack Obama this morning:

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Obligatory final debate post

by meanlouise October 16, 2008 politics

That is all. (photo is from Reuters, will insert proper attribution when I find it again)

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Harry Shearer on the sound a possum makes when tasered

by meanlouise October 10, 2008 humor

Husband sent me this amusing clip, wherein Robert Wright and Harry Shearer discuss feline Obama versus possum Mccain.

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Wednesday, wherein I deftly combine the Obama New Yorker cover and iphone references into one handy post, just to get it all over with

by meanlouise July 16, 2008 cyberculture

Granted, I hadn’t had any coffee yet when I saw this headline, but I don’t think that’s a particularly good excuse. My thoughts were, in this order, although not actually enumerated as such in my head: 1. “I can’t believe they used such a derogatory term in this headline.” 2. “Using the word “claimed” casts […]

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The New yorker cover. You know the one.

by meanlouise July 16, 2008 politics

Andrea Plaid joined Culture Kitchen just in time to post the thought-provoking, “Oh look! Hipster bigotry manifests itself at the New Yorker.”

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