ScienceOnline Climate

by meanlouise August 15, 2013 culture

I’m at ScienceOnline Climate but have to take a quick moment to express my adoration for John Oliver. Again. Please don’t leave us, John. John Oliver on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop: It is way too early in the morning for me to figure out why this is not embedding properly but you can click through to […]

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Celebrate 50 years of manned space exploration

by meanlouise April 12, 2011 culture

Juri Gagarins Raumkapsel "Wostok 1", originally uploaded by astirn. It’s Yuri’s Night, the annual celebration of the 1st manned space flight . This year marks the 50th anniversary of Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s historic space flight. You can learn more about Yuri Gagarin here. You can also find a local Yuri’s Night party – there are […]

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Apple's Beatles backslapping

by meanlouise November 16, 2010 music

By now you’ve probably heard that Apple made a big fucking deal over their “unveiling” of an authorized Beatles catalog available as digital downloads. I try not to fawn in obsessively creepy ways when he attends a pho dinner, but I think the Washington Post’s Faster Forward columnist Rob Pegoraro is an excellent tech journalist. […]

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Rock Show! Policy Summit!

by meanlouise September 29, 2010 audio technology

It’s time for the 10th Anniversary Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit. TENTH? This event is 10 years old? No way. I was still in Grad School when this event started and that was just…nevermind. Let’s move on. Musicians can still apply for scholarships to the Summit and anyone who wants to engage or learn […]

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Net Neutrality (Mike Mills, Senator Al Franken, & FCC Chair Julius Genachowski on CSPAN)

by meanlouise October 22, 2009 cyberculture

If there’s a way to embed the CSPAN video player, I’m not smart enough to figure it out. The first video is the only one to feature Chaiman Genachowski being played onto the stage by a New Orleans brass funk band (at approximately 41:30:00) THE FUTURE OF MUSIC POLICY SUMMIT 2009. Monday, October 5, 2009 […]

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No signal (and other cellular drama)

by meanlouise October 14, 2009 movies

Thanks to the ubiquity of cellphones, horror and suspense writers have a new set of cliches to work with when stranding or isolating a character. Unless that character is like me and owns an iphone, then the act of getting a signal and making a successful call becomes a far-fetched plot-point. But my point isn’t […]

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by meanlouise March 11, 2009 cyberculture

Husband and I are off to SXSW film + interactive in Austin, Texas. I’m sure I’ll be posting from the conference. Then when we get back we have to prepare for our 1000 Days ’til the 2012 Iowa Caucus Countdown Kickoff Party.

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"Sony releases new piece of shit that doesn't fucking work."

by meanlouise February 13, 2009 humor

This Onion video is great, although it contains language that’s probably not safe for work unless you work for Rod Blagojevich.

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feminism 2.0: bloggers and activists: an intimate and frank conversation

by meanlouise February 2, 2009 cyberculture

Feminism2.0 breakout session: “bloggers and activists: an intimate and frank conversation” Moderator: Gloria Pan, VP Internet Communications, Turner Strategies Kim Gandy, President, National Organization for Women Liza Sabater, Blogger, Culturekitchen Tedra Osell, Blogger, Bitch Ph.D. The online world is loud and chaotic, with many and different voices rising at different times to add insights, disagree, […]

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Possibly the greatest ad campaign since Microsoft Bob!!!

by meanlouise January 26, 2009 humor

I have the ability to apply a mental filter that enables me to not only tune out, but deny the actual existence, of certain things – Grateful Dead songs and Microsoft commercials being the most critical. Consequently, I missed a profoundly inane Microsoft video promoting a product called Songsmith until I saw a post about […]

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