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today's pop quiz: how many species of snakes are there in florida?

by meanlouise December 25, 2005 true life 2005

There are 45 indigenous species of snakes in Florida, although only 6 are venomous. We learned this last night when we were trying to name the 5 venomous species that exist in this area. We were thinking pygmy and timber rattlers were the same, that those were just regional nicknames for the same species (they […]

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Don't you wish you too could live in a delicious cloud of musical comedy?

by meanlouise December 18, 2005 movies

I watched Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. I’ve been looking for my lost IQ points ever since. Reading the incredibly vapid Sunday Source section of the Post shaved off a few more points this morning. Husband had opened the paper and was surprised to see one of his Mantis cohorts pictured on the front in an […]

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That's the way it is in bear country

by meanlouise December 1, 2005 books + libraries

Anyone who doubts the popularity of the Berenstain Bears amongst the toddler-crowd hasnt been hanging with the toddler crowd. Wildy, rock-star popular, those bears are. Right up there with Dr. Seuss and Curious George in the category of books I spend the most time de-drooling and recovering and reshelving. Childrens librarianship is just like academic […]

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sharks in government buildings, sounds redundant

by meanlouise November 21, 2005 true life 2005

Poor Husband thought I’d finally gone completely mad when I, in the course of random conversation in the car, mentioned the daily shark and alligator feedings at the aquarium downtown. “We don’t have an aquarium downtown!” He was laughing at me. “Sure we do,” I replied. “It’s in the Treasury Building.” Now, as soon as […]

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norwegians, the yellow bellied sapsucker, and, of course, a deer

by meanlouise November 18, 2005 art

A couple of days ago I had plans to attend an early evening meeting and then stop by the Hirshhorn for cocktails and a gander at the Gyroscope show. I took the Metro, so you already know that I’m about to tell you that wackiness ensued. I ended up playing tourguide to a Norwegian soccer […]

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this is probably species-ist of us

by meanlouise November 12, 2005 true life 2005

But Husband and I think that they should have let the cheetahs keep the deer. A deer got into the cheetah yard at the National Zoo yesterday and was pounced on by a mother cheetah before the deer escaped into Rock Creek Park, according to a witness and a zoo spokeswoman. The young buck appeared […]

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Skarlet and the Bunny go to the Mall, wherein they find much ado about nothing

by meanlouise October 7, 2005 hell (other people)

[ed note: like everything prior to 2006 on this site, this one dates back to, as you probably guessed from the title. Quoted articles are from the Washington Post but I’m having trouble finding the links again. The post goes on an excessive length because a linkback from had provoked an exciting series […]

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On Baboons. But first, a few final thoughts on Victoria's Secret

by meanlouise October 6, 2005 books + libraries

I almost gave the baboon post and the final Victoria’s Secret musings seperate posts because they’re unrelated, but actually they aren’t. Not really, since you could argue that both subjects involve festive displays of genitalia. But I digress. After yesterday’s Victoria’s Secret post, my inbox is still slammed with emails from Washington Post readers who […]

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I'm not sure I get the problem

by meanlouise October 5, 2005 news

[disclaimer is on the October 7th post] I spent a whole year dressing the windows of the Georgetown Park Victoria Secret store. I’m looking at the pictures accompanying this morning’s Post story, “Skimpy Underwear, Ample Commentary At Tysons Corner – Shoppers Appalled, Transfixed By Racy Store Display at Mall” and I just don’t understand why […]

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getting god – no, just godspell

by meanlouise September 24, 2005 television

Over the years I’ve sat through innumerable productions of Godspell out of support for various actor friends. I was fairly certain that at this point in my life I need never see Godspell again. Ever. Ever. Ever. Or so I thought. Despite an allergy to musical theatre and lifelong overexposure to said production, I’ve purposely […]

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