true life 2004

catholic fieldtrip

by meanlouise December 23, 2004 jesus files, the

Having time to kill this morning before a doctor’s appointment, I made Husband go on a little sidetrip to visit the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (or, as we call it, Basillica Joe’s) to see the church all decked out in Christmas finery. We (ok, I) lit a candle for my brother and then […]

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no more buffy for a while

by meanlouise December 17, 2004 true life 2004

I thought the headline on the new issue of In These Times was “People vs. Vampires.” I thought that for several days before it struck me as odd and I looked more closely, revealing that the actual title is “People vs. Empire.” Yikes.

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travels with mom

by meanlouise December 1, 2004 true life 2004

Chapter One, wherein, within 90 minutes of beginning their 7,000 mile journey to Seattle, Skarlet has already completely lost her mind and is actually beginning to wish she was back at the airport where a woman spent a half-hour berating she and her mom, in Norwegian, for reasons understood only by the Norwegian woman. See […]

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now you can lojack your kids!

by meanlouise November 17, 2004 true life 2004

28,000 Texas schoolchildren are being electronically monitored. That’s good. That way school officials know everything about them and can learn their habits, figure out when they’re alone, stuff like that. We all know kids are waaaay more likely to be grabbed and/or molested by strangers than an acquaintence, so this should work great. (before anyone […]

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my yard is holier than your yard

by meanlouise October 29, 2004 jesus files, the

Usually I encounter the evangelicals stumping for Bush at the Metro. Yesterday, they came to our door to explain about how Kerry wants to outlaw the Bible and how the demonic jews and muslims and buddhists are ruining the country. Now, don’t be thinking the Jews aren’t useful – we need them to guard Israel […]

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we can't cancel cable!

by meanlouise October 13, 2004 true life 2004

Last night Husband and I tossed around the idea of cancelling cable. Not for long though, because even thinking of being without Keith Olbermann cable fills me with feelings of terror. The kind of terror that strikes when I think about hiking in the sheer snakiness of my mom’s neighborhood. Serious terror. Husband: But if […]

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hell, other people

by meanlouise October 7, 2004 artomatic

I’ve been doing crazy amounts of stuff that have been keeping me running around like, well, the crazy-woman I am. I don’t have the stomach for community organizing, I’ve learned (read: enduring threats and learning what overt racism exists in dc-metro area). I prefer being knee-deep in artomatic organizing, which is hard work but lots […]

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does your dog have a cellphone yet?

by meanlouise September 28, 2004 true life 2004

Proof there’s a market for everything. I don’t even know where to file this one. I should go back and see what I filed the posts about neuticles and doggles under, but instead I’d rather just go take a long walk and mumble to myself.

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matchbox 20 humor, peyton place, and the stunning announcement that I've learned the secrets of time travel

by meanlouise September 26, 2004 humor

This morning I’m trying to tame my inbox. As I was triaging my email over that first cup of coffee, I had a near-fatal giggling fit at this Onion article: “Matchbox Twenty Finally Finishes Watering Down Long-Awaited New Album” Executives at Atlantic Records announced Monday that multi-platinum recording artist Matchbox Twenty, which set sales records […]

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Nuns in America

by meanlouise September 18, 2004 jesus files, the

I’ve been hiding under my bed having Catholic School flashbacks ever since I saw the ad in the City Paper for an exhibit called “Nuns in America” at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center. Can’t make this stuff up. Just can’t. Maybe someone who isn’t an alumna of St Martha’s School for Girls Who […]

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