true life 2002

holiday cheer

by meanlouise December 20, 2002 hell (other people)

Sometime in the not-so-distant past someone made a snide and off-handed remark about how easy and boring my job must be and then went on to ask how I could keep from becoming brain-dead after so long working in a library, going so far as to suggest that librarian’s salaries are a waste of tax […]

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Donald Rumsfeld, Samer and Microsoft Bob walk into a bar…

by meanlouise December 19, 2002 true life 2002

(editors note, June 2010: The archives from 2002 seem to be corrupted and all I have is a title with an empty post, but I like the title, so I’m reposting it anyway)

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I'm gonna eat some worms / More on Microsoft Bob / Pug-nappers captured!

by meanlouise December 18, 2002 cyberculture

One of my coworkers said, with his usual impish grin, “These are for your Husband, so don’t eat them.” Then he handed me a package of Mexican Spice Flavored Worms. I assured him I could resist the temptation to snack on them and would make sure that they reached Husband un-opened. Having said that, curiosity […]

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link roundup

by meanlouise December 6, 2002 true life 2002

editor’s note: So many of the links in this post were dead and taking forever to relink that I just stripped them all out for now World-famous blogger Mike/Cooties has started a repository of Nigerian bank-scam spam (say that 5 times fast). It’s an interesting catalog of the variations he’s received. Thanks to Mike, I […]

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by meanlouise November 22, 2002 true life 2002

Samer is off on his annual world tour. He just dropped me a note from Amsterdam to let me know that he couldn’t access my site. I’m blocked for sex. At a cybercafe in Amsterdam. I’ll post an update when Samer updates his page, there’ll be lots of cool pictures (although he’ll be hard-pressed to […]

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communing with the spirit world

by meanlouise October 24, 2002 true life 2002

I have to take back every mean thought I’ve had about the Carolina Inn in the last year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic place to stay (as well it should be, it’s a bit expensive) and I highly recommend it, but there’s been something odd going on. The problem has been that since […]

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Attack of the Giant Eagles

by meanlouise October 23, 2002 true life 2002

I have a long rambling post about compulsory licensing of music in the digital environment, but I figured if it was boring to me it was boring to everyone. So instead I began spinning elaborate conspiracy theories revolving around the appearance of the giant eagles in Alaska and the earthquake, but I’m too tired to […]

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the folks at CBS are such practical jokers…

by meanlouise October 22, 2002 television

I’m confused. Is CSI: Miami supposed to be a parody of CSI? Not that CSI isn’t already a bit of a parody of itself. Maybe I’m the only one not in on this little joke. There are definately times when I don’t regret having much time to watch TV. On an unrelated note, why is […]

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found: great fun

by meanlouise October 20, 2002 true life 2002

(this is a restored post so the comments appear as text at the end of the post) Last night we headed over to Politics and Prose for the Found Magazine event. On the way to the store we passed by work. Watching people in tuxes and sparkly dresses making their way to campus I joked […]

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I have nothing exciting to say today

by meanlouise October 13, 2002 true life 2002

So here’s a map of Uzbekistan. [link dead]

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