link roundup

December 6, 2002

editor’s note: So many of the links in this post were dead and taking forever to relink that I just stripped them all out for now

World-famous blogger Mike/Cooties has started a repository of Nigerian bank-scam spam (say that 5 times fast). It’s an interesting catalog of the variations he’s received. Thanks to Mike, I was reminded that Sandee has had her reconstructive breast surgery. It appears she’s recovering nicely. Go send some good thoughts her way, won’t you?

Eve has posted the saga of the demon wallpaper that I mentioned last week.

KD reminds us all that there are things far, far scarier than wallpaper in the world…namely a Jerry Springer opera. We have to get Faith to London to give us a full critique.

Katherine moved her journal to Not a Damsel and Sarah closed and re-emerged at creative-juices. It appears that the Ratbastard wasn’t actually abducted by aliens. According to MommaBastard and his beloved Michelle he’s just busy. No excuse, I shall continue to sulk until he returns.

Empty-handed has a hilarious description of a Spanish-language gameshow called “War of the Sexes” that has me scrambling through the Telemundo program guide to find out if it’s on here.

I’m deeply worried about xkot, who not only wore black socks and Birkenstocks out of his house but copped to it in his blog. Xkot led me back to Stacey, which was cool because I’d missed his story about barking at kids, which amused me greatly.

It was back to sad, however, when I saw the ain’t it cool news headline announcing the death of Rocky and Bullwinkle animation supervisor William “Tex” Henson. Henson also oversaw Underdog, which was one of my favorite cartoons. There’s not a lot of Underdog information on the web. ToonTracker has some and I found a rather disturbing quantity of Underdog fan fiction that someone wrote while heavily medicated.

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