CNN: “Note to homeowners: when ridding property of snakes, don’t set them ablaze”

by meanlouise April 15, 2013 seriously?

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Fire crews respond to 911 call Wednesday evening They find Texas homes on fire Blaze apparently results from snake set afire

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Viking Funeral for the Record Biz?

by meanlouise March 23, 2009 music

Viking Funeral for the Record Biz?, originally uploaded by meanlouise. I believe this is the platform atop which the attendees of sxsw will be building a pyre upon which to burn the traditional music industry model based on the traditional lore of the Viking funeral. Husband thinks it’s just river debris.

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Austin impressions

by meanlouise March 18, 2009 true life 2009

Some initial thoughts about our trip to Austin, Texas for sxsw film + interactive. There are lots of details missing or omitted ’cause they’re dull. Also, every time we turned around someone was handing us a drink so there are plenty of details that are probably lost in the mists of time. Or just better […]

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less successful late night snack ideas

by meanlouise March 15, 2009 true life 2009

We’re pretty sure that the really drunk guy on 6th Street was trying to convince his friends to go get some fish tacos. However, what he kept saying was, “fish nachos.” His friends were less enthusiastic. I find the concept of fish nachos repugnant yet hilarious, but I’ve been at cocktail parties since 5:00 so […]

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by meanlouise March 14, 2009 true life 2009

I didn’t wake up in Austin with any new tattoos, but perhaps appropriately enough for an interactive/tech conference, I noticed this on my foot when I got out of bed: I have no idea where it originated or how it came to be on my foot. What should concern me is how unconcerned I am. […]

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by meanlouise March 11, 2009 cyberculture

Husband and I are off to SXSW film + interactive in Austin, Texas. I’m sure I’ll be posting from the conference. Then when we get back we have to prepare for our 1000 Days ’til the 2012 Iowa Caucus Countdown Kickoff Party.

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by meanlouise September 12, 2008 true life 2007

I’m too distressed by Ike to post anything lucid. What a nightmare that’s going to be (and probably already is). Poor Texas.

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