Remember the Lovecraftian horror that was Windows 95 with a new Tumblr

by meanlouise February 24, 2013 cyberculture

When we got Windows 95 (probably sometime in 1998), it took our admins about 30 seconds to see the true purpose of the system alerts. The first one I got read, “Report to the roof immediately, await further instructions.” It took some people longer than others to catch on that not all windows alerts were […]

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Apple's Beatles backslapping

by meanlouise November 16, 2010 music

By now you’ve probably heard that Apple made a big fucking deal over their “unveiling” of an authorized Beatles catalog available as digital downloads. I try not to fawn in obsessively creepy ways when he attends a pho dinner, but I think the Washington Post’s Faster Forward columnist Rob Pegoraro is an excellent tech journalist. […]

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Viking Funeral for the Record Biz?

by meanlouise March 23, 2009 music

Viking Funeral for the Record Biz?, originally uploaded by meanlouise. I believe this is the platform atop which the attendees of sxsw will be building a pyre upon which to burn the traditional music industry model based on the traditional lore of the Viking funeral. Husband thinks it’s just river debris.

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