The upside to not being online much today is that some of the really good Roger Ebert eulogies and the best scenes from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls had all arrived in my “pop culture junkies” twitter list by the time I sat down to write this. The downside is that all this stuff means that Roger Ebert died.

The 70 year old Film critic, prolific tweeter, and screen-writer inspired a tidal wave of tributes.

Here’s the lengthy tribute by the founder and editors at Rotten Tomatoes, which is an impressive reminder of the impact Ebert had on a lot of people, the Onion’s tribute, Roger Ebert Hails Human Existence As ‘A Triumph,’ and the New Yorker’s POSTSCRIPT: ROGER EBERT, 1942-2013, and the lengthy piece in the New York Times, and, of course, the obituary at the Chicago Sun-Times

And last, but not least, here’s a clip of the party scene from Ebert’s 1970 classic screenplay, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. It’s probably not safe for work, but I guess that depends where you work.

[embedded video: BVD Party Scene (NSF)]

I’m detoxing from too much CNN by just watching this clip over and over. It seems to be working out okay for me. This probably isn’t safe for work. I can never tell anymore since I don’t work with other people – and even when I did, they weren’t really safe for work.

West’s previous failed proposals include requiring the high school band to perform the tuneless flute songs of the blind idiot god Azathoth and offering art students instruction in the carving of morbid and obscene fetishes from otherworldly media.

Several parents attending the meeting were not impressed by West’s outburst.

“Last month, he wanted us to change the high school’s motto from ‘Many Kinds of Excellence’ to ‘Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn,'” PTA member Cathy Perry said. “I asked if it was Latin, and he said that it was the eldritch tongue of Shub- Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. I don’t know from eldritch tongues, but I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.”

Yesterday’s BlogHer conference at the Bethesda Hyatt was informative, interesting, and very fun. The food was also amazing, as was the closing reception. The open bar led to more interesting “why I blog” stories than the morning coffee did, for some reason, but I shall tell no tales.

I got to reconnect with an old friend, MamaDharma and meet the DC Goodwill Fashionista (who, yes, I linked to…just yesterday). Actually, I met loads of new and interesting bloggers and blogggers-to-be and I think that I’m going to be doing a whole series of link round-ups in the coming weeks as I check out all of their blogs.

For now I need to go recover, for health reasons I have to watch out for those kinds of very long days and give myself ample rest time. It will also give me time to polish up a post which is the direct result of BlogHerDC and an ongoing conversation that threaded throughout my day about health-blogging. You’ll have to check back in tomorrow to read it, though.

In the meantime, go have a good laugh at The Onion, “Scott Bakula Jumps Into McCain’s Body Just Before Election/”

The Onion hits it out of the park today:

WASHINGTON, DC According to a study released Monday by the Hammond Political Research Group, many of the nation’s liberals are suffering from a vastly diminished sense of outrage.

“With so many right-wing shams to choose from, it’s simply too daunting for the average, left-leaning citizen to maintain a sense of anger,” said Rachel Neas, the study’s director. “By our estimation, roughly 70 percent of liberals are experiencing some degree of lethargy resulting from a glut of civil-liberties abuses, education funding cuts, and exorbitant military expenditures.”

San Francisco’s Arthur Flauman is one liberal who has chosen to take a hiatus from his seething rage over Bush Administration policies.

[read the rest – it’s very funny]

It would probably be even funnier if it wasn’t so close to the truth…