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R.I.P. Roger Ebert

by meanlouise April 4, 2013 movies

The upside to not being online much today is that some of the really good Roger Ebert eulogies and the best scenes from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls had all arrived in my “pop culture junkies” twitter list by the time I sat down to write this. The downside is that all this stuff […]

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by meanlouise December 5, 2011 humor

I’m detoxing from too much CNN by just watching this clip over and over. It seems to be working out okay for me. This probably isn’t safe for work. I can never tell anymore since I don’t work with other people – and even when I did, they weren’t really safe for work.

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The Onion: "Lovecraftian School Board Member Wants Madness Added To Curriculum"

by meanlouise March 2, 2009 books + libraries

West’s previous failed proposals include requiring the high school band to perform the tuneless flute songs of the blind idiot god Azathoth and offering art students instruction in the carving of morbid and obscene fetishes from otherworldly media. Several parents attending the meeting were not impressed by West’s outburst. “Last month, he wanted us to […]

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FDA approves depressant drug for the annoyingly cheerful

by meanlouise February 18, 2009 humor

I know this is two videos from The Onion in one week, but this I thought this was funny. Plus, what better way to celebrate going two whole days without posting (unless twitter counts) for the first time in well over a year than with insta-content?

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"Sony releases new piece of shit that doesn't fucking work."

by meanlouise February 13, 2009 humor

This Onion video is great, although it contains language that’s probably not safe for work unless you work for Rod Blagojevich.

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by meanlouise October 14, 2008 cyberculture

Yesterday’s BlogHer conference at the Bethesda Hyatt was informative, interesting, and very fun. The food was also amazing, as was the closing reception. The open bar led to more interesting “why I blog” stories than the morning coffee did, for some reason, but I shall tell no tales. I got to reconnect with an old […]

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"…the spokesdrone proved effective at neutralizing reporter's questions about 85 percent of the time…"

by meanlouise August 5, 2008 humor

Fantastic. “The spokesdrone will field questions deemed too dangerous for a human press secretary, whose career could be irreparably damaged by answering them.” Pentagon’s Unmanned Spokesdrone Completes First Press Conference Mission I love the schematics, but my favorite line may be, “It’s also capable of serving jail time.”

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liberal outrage fatigue

by meanlouise July 13, 2004 humor

The Onion hits it out of the park today: WASHINGTON, DC According to a study released Monday by the Hammond Political Research Group, many of the nation’s liberals are suffering from a vastly diminished sense of outrage. “With so many right-wing shams to choose from, it’s simply too daunting for the average, left-leaning citizen to […]

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