Yesterday’s BlogHer conference at the Bethesda Hyatt was informative, interesting, and very fun. The food was also amazing, as was the closing reception. The open bar led to more interesting “why I blog” stories than the morning coffee did, for some reason, but I shall tell no tales.

I got to reconnect with an old friend, MamaDharma and meet the DC Goodwill Fashionista (who, yes, I linked to…just yesterday). Actually, I met loads of new and interesting bloggers and blogggers-to-be and I think that I’m going to be doing a whole series of link round-ups in the coming weeks as I check out all of their blogs.

For now I need to go recover, for health reasons I have to watch out for those kinds of very long days and give myself ample rest time. It will also give me time to polish up a post which is the direct result of BlogHerDC and an ongoing conversation that threaded throughout my day about health-blogging. You’ll have to check back in tomorrow to read it, though.

In the meantime, go have a good laugh at The Onion, “Scott Bakula Jumps Into McCain’s Body Just Before Election/”

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  • Awesome meeting you at BlogHer! It’s been two days and I’m still in recovery mode. Now I only wish I had all day to read all the new blogs I’m connected with. But I’ll definitely be returning here!