Beware the Quakers. First, they lull you into submission with their oats…

August 21, 2007

The [tag]ACLU[/tag] has an extensive section on their website dedicated to [tag]domestic spying[/tag]. The whole situation is deeply troubling and I don’t wish to make light of it, but something in an October press release caught my eye:

Also included in the documents is information on a series of protests mistakenly identified as taking place in Springfield, Illinois (the protests actually occurred in Springfield, Massachusetts). According to the document, “Source received an e-mail from the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), e-mail address: [REDACTED] that stated that on March 18-20, a series of protest actions were planned in the Springfield, IL area… to focus on actions at military recruitment offices with the goals to include: raising awareness, education, visibility in community, visibility to recruiters as part of a national day of action.”

The people tasked with protecting the homeland can’t tell the difference between Springfield, Illinois and Springfield, Massachusetts?

Nevertheless, the more I think about it the more I think that maybe they’re barking up the right tree after all. After all, Sidwell Friends is considered the premier [tag]Quaker[/tag] school. A fair number of our friends there and look how well they turned out.

And how about some of Sidwell’s most prominent alums: Tricia and Julie Nixon? Nancy Reagan? Valerie Rusmfeld? I hope someone checked them for Quaker-implanted mind control devices. You can’t be too careful, from the looks of the FOIA documents the ACLU has posted.

In the months this post has marinated in my draft-file, I’ve thought more about the issue. And thinking about what a dedicated and committed Quaker [tag]Richard Nixon[/tag] was, I’m wondering if maybe they weren’t watching the Quakers closely enough

No, that’s wrong. I’m kidding. Aren’t I? I think so. Yes. Definitely kidding.

You can search the ACLU site for more about domestic wiretapping, spying and Quakers, they’ve posted a considerable number of documents, statements, and testimony transcripts since I started this post (last October).

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