For variety, we celebrated Christmas after New Year’s this year

by meanlouise January 9, 2017 florida files

We kicked off the new year doing as little as possible for a few days on Siesta Key, in preparation for a whirlwind bout of Family Fun that we had to schedule for the 1st week in January because…well, just because. Despite the delay, we did indeed have a fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. One could […]

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Christmas movies: a trio of terror. Or laughs. One of those.

by meanlouise December 25, 2013 holiday cheer

If you’re looking for some holiday movies to go along with that bottle of bourbon Santa left under the tree, here’s a trio that will guarantee your whole family needs therapy for years to come. Rare Exports (2010) is a 3 year old Finnish horror/comedy for the whole (Addams) family. It’s a really good movie. […]

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Merry Christmas!

by meanlouise December 25, 2012 holiday cheer

Merry Christmas from this thing – which is apparently a toddler-sized animatronic raccoon that has lost it’s ski poles and is now futilely miming skiing – and not, as I originally thought, a toddler-sized animatronic squirrel miming lewd acts in our general direction. It’s part of this yard, which I couldn’t even get a full […]

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Mummy Cookie Pops

by meanlouise December 24, 2012 holiday cheer

I can’t imagine I’ll get to making Christmas cookies this year, but if I do The Decorated Cookies’ fabulous Mummy Cookie Pops (as seen on Laughing Squid) are at the top of the list. Or maybe they share the top of the list with the Gingerdead Men. Hard to say, really.

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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

by meanlouise December 25, 2010 holiday cheer

Husband and I are looking forward to seeing Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. The Onion AV Club has a hilarious promotional video posted for the movie – “A Brief History of Santa Claus”. It’s definitely worth your time. Merry Christmas, kids!

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thing of wonder: 1601 Collingwood Road

by meanlouise December 21, 2008 holiday cheer

We made a trip over to 1601 Collingwood Road to view the Christmas Light spectacular. This is what Holly’s Tacky Christmas Lights in Fairfax has to say about the display (I inserted links and embedded the video so any linking errors are mine): 1601 Collingwood Road, Alexandria My top favorite…Extremely large house and yard with […]

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I think you have to pick one

by meanlouise December 26, 2003 jesus files, the

The same co-workers who complained for an hour this morning about how Christmas should not be a holiday because it caters to Christians have now shifted to complaining about working on the day after Christmas and how unfair it is. Dr. Noodles and I have decided to just turn our offices into a bunker (not […]

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