This truly chaps my hide

March 15, 2012

It suddenly got very warm out, so it’s been an inferno on every Metro train I’ve taken this week. A few days ago. I pinned my hair up, as I’m wont to do when it’s very warm. I was reading a book so I put my glasses on. A family of Midwestern tourists goggled at me and their smallest spawn poked me on the arm and asked me a question that turned my intestines to ice.

He asked, “Are you a Sarah Palin impersonator?”

And when I said, “No!” The whole family was disappointed.

I have a choice to make. I can quit pinning my hair up. I can grow out my bangs. I can dye my hair. I can get contacts.

Or, I can get a vocal coach and a red suit and cash in.

I get mistaken for a lot of random people, but I must admit to you that my own mother, upon first laying eyes on Palin, cheerfully proclaimed her love for the crazy bitch because “she’s just like you!”

I’m pretty sure mom meant a physical resemblance, but maybe mom was suggesting I’m a crazy bitch? Possible, but I suspect it was the hair and the glasses.

I hope.

On a related note, did you watch Game Change yet? I haven’t finished it, but I plan to. In the early scene where Palin is at the State Fair, my spiritual advisor, Roger, appears behind her as an extra and a neighbor’s son, Arlo, is playing Trig.

[embedded clip: Game Change trailer]

I’m now completely out of anything to say about Sarah Palin.

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