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The hidden jazz of Metro escalators

by meanlouise January 14, 2011 DMV

Haha! I’m not the only one who hears the secret jazz in the screech of the Metro’s escalators. There’s a remix the metro contest associated with that article, but it doesn’t include Archives/Navy Memorial.

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Amazing Grace (Freak Magnetism, explained)

by meanlouise September 21, 2010 reader favorites

I am a Freak Magnet. This means I attract Freaks. Non-Freak Magnets don’t understand this, and you can’t ever fully explain the depths of wackiness a Freak plumbs when they encounter a Magnet. Freaks aren’t normal people who engage in small-talk while stuck in an interminable line, or ask you to help them find a […]

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Dude, the sun has now set on your Empire. Deal with it.

by meanlouise February 18, 2009 true life 2009

You must understand by now that putting me on Metro without a companion is like rubbing a rolly-polly baby in bacon grease and tossing him or her into a pit of ravenously hungry beasts. Okay, it’s nothing like that; but it can be a trying experience. I am a FreakMagnet. Tuesday I was on the […]

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