The Lowbrow Tarot Card Project

January 5, 2011

Los Angeles gallery La Luz de Jesus recently hosted a show called The Lowbrow Tarot Project.

The Lowbrow Tarot Project will showcase 23 artists who will use their creative and unique styles to take on the tarot 22 Major Arcana and original card back totaling 23 new works of art in the rugged glow of the lowbrow art movement to be displayed in an exhibition at La Luz de Jesus on October 1, 2010.

The group exhibition will feature 23 new and original works by renowned and accomplished artists Carrie Ann Baade, Christopher Ulrich, Edith Lebeau, Cate Rangel, Kris Kuksi, Chris Mars, Christopher Umana, Chris Conn, Brian M. Viveros, Claudia Drake, Heather Watts, Molly Crabapple, David Stoupakis, Laurie Lipton, Patrick “Star 27” Deignan, Chet Zar, Jessica Joslin, Danni Shinya Luo, Jennybird Alcantara, Angie Mason, Scott G. Brooks, Aunia Kahn and Daniel Martin Diaz.

I mention this two months after the show because the accompanying book and card deck are supposed to be released sometime early this year. The project contains work by a number of artists I find intriguing, particularly local favorite* Scott G. Brooks and Laurie Lipton.

Link via the divine art magazine Hi-Fructose. I had a draft post about this stashed away for when the book and cards come out but Scott reminded me about it when he recently tweeted about the project. I decided to post it now before it got buried amongst the badly written rants about squirrels, Mike Huckabee, and bras with ribbons on them and then got deleted by mistake.

*Let’s not have drama. Scott G. Brooks is a popular local artist and he’s a favorite but I didn’t say he’s my all-time favorite.

In the interest of mitigating drama, here’s a list of my favorite artists, in order:
1. me
2. Whoever gets to my house first and scrubs the kitchen and bathrooms
3. Whoever gets to my house first and does the laundry. That includes folding the clothes and putting them away in the proper drawers or hanging them in the proper closets
4. The escalator at the Archives/Navy Memorial metro stop, because I’ve learned to cope with the insane sounds it makes in the morning by convincing myself it’s an avant garde alto sax performer and I’ve subsequently grown to really enjoy our time together

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