Jaws 3D

by meanlouise July 9, 2014 movies

Orlando Weekly: “They deleted the subplot where Dennis Quaid searches for an antiperspirant that works.” I hate myself for wanting to drag the the Jungle Pete family to Sea World next week because Blackfish was deeply disturbing. Plus,The tickets to the park are shockingly expensive. At the same time, we just watched Jaws 3 as […]

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If they make it, I will watch

by meanlouise June 3, 2001 movies

I enjoyed the Jaws reissue on DVD so much the other night that I felt compelled to watch the Jaws 2 reissue. I rented this one, I did not buy it. Let’s be clear – I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. Jaws 2 was pretty awful. I knew it was bad going in, […]

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