Saturday night we returned to a simpler time, the time of Snakehead Terror. We enjoyed this gem when it debuted on SyFy (nee SciFi) in 2004. Would we enjoy it the second time around, nearly 10 years later?


This classic made-for-TV craptacular featured Bruce Boxleitner’s carefree feathered mane as the sheriff and supermodel-turned-actress Carol Alt as the wildlife biologist determined to save us all from the Terror Of Snakeheads.

Bonus: it was set in our neck of the woods.

Downside: we really have snakehead terror. That’s why it’s set in our neck of the woods.

Snakehead fish“Snakehead Fish” photo of SFU biology grad student Michael Beakesis copyright (c) 2012 by Simon Fraser University Public Affairs and made available under a Creative Commons license.

Simon Fraser University, being in Canada, isn’t in our neck of the woods, but that photo is both awesome and available on flickr. Since this movie was clearly shot in Canada and not the Mid-Atlantic, and both it and this blog are low-budget enterprises, that seems appropriate. (Unlike syfy, this blog is not a profit-seeking entity and use of that photo doesn’t mean SFU condones anything in this post).

Trivia: 12 of the 15 actors credited on the Snakehead Terror IMDB page have appeared in an episode of Supernatural (even William B. Davis, the cigarette smoking man from the X-Files).

An interesting thing about this movie (no, really, this is interesting) is how much more strictly the old Saturday Night Craptaculars adhered to a (slightly) more sophisticated B movie aesthetic. The filmmakers could display a small bit of flare that suggested they do in fact possess a basic level of competence even if the budget doesn’t allow them the time or financing to truly display it. Decent editing. No extended day-for-night scenes. A few extra minutes clearly used to set the key and fill lights properly (and/or to actually use a 3 point lighting set up). Actors mostly hitting their marks. A modicum of wardrobe continuity.

B-movies have never been slick or glitzy (if they were they wouldn’t be B-movies), but Bruce Boxleitner’s hair doesn’t style itself and someone had to teach Carol Alt how to convincingly pronounce all those biologist words.

No, really, she’s convincing. As a biologist, maybe not as an action-movie actress.

Trivia: I’m fairly certain there is a jar of pickled snakehead in our refrigerator. I’m quite certain Husband should think carefully before he considers feeding it to me.

We still haven’t visited the Calvert Marine Museum’s invasive species exhibit, Eco Invaders.

I was going to post more about the movie, but I’ve gotten distracted by the fact that Bad Company is back together and touring and they’re playing at the Calvert Marine Museum, which just seems weird on all kinds of levels. Maybe it’s a really nice venue. I understand the museum is nice, but it’s a small museum far outside any metropolitan area, so the announcement immediately brought this to mind:

But hey, since Bad Company has figured prominently on Supernatural a few times, it seems only appropriate to mention it here. I’m on my first cup of coffee so it makes perfect sense to me.

Husband is sick, which means he’s been laying on the couch moaning a lot. Last night he had a fever and chills. This means he tried to kill me by piling more blankets on us than one would need to pack out for arctic exploration even though it was already 70 degrees in the house because he was fussing about being too cold. I was too warm to sleep last night.

Let’s pause for a moment to mull that over.

I was too warm. I could not sleep.

These are things that happen pretty much…never.

So today I’m crabby and he’s a ball of whinge.

He was a greasy ball of whinge but I just marched him to a shower, so now he’s a squeaky clean ball of whinge.

On the upside, he’s using his downtime productively. When he’s not moaning and whinging, he’s been searching the internet and sending me funny links. He just sent me Hyperbole and a Half’s post about her new dog.

A lingering fear of mine was confirmed last night: My dog might be slightly retarded.

I’ve wondered about her intelligence ever since I adopted her and subsequently discovered that she was unable to figure out how stairs worked.

It’s a hilarious post, made more hilarious by the illustrations.

I finished that post and immediately got distracted by another one that was labeled “a better pain scale.” Brilliant. You must go read it.

Happy Monday!

p.s. I still need to fix these margins. I’d give the task to Husband but he really is sick and not up to it, all mocking aside. This is a serious situation. Husband has thousands of hours of sick leave, he’s rarely sick. I’m concerned. What if he gets worse? What if he’s contagious? And most importantly, who is going to feed me, damnit?

I’m ridiculously organized. Martha Stewart doesn’t scare me. Sometimes I fear this could lead me to do bad things – like crime or drugs or scrapbooking.

Husband, on the other hand, has never met a piece of paper he didn’t love. He’s by no means a horder, but let’s put it this way: Remember way back in high school when you took the SAT and the registration form had that section that you were supposed to keep? It said, “Retain this form for your records.” Guess who still has that form in his records?


Despite me extreme tidiness, we do somehow have pockets of clutter that accumulate and every once in a while I sort through them and file or shred or otherwise dispose of things we no longer need. I was on hold today for an interminable amount of time, which did have the minor benefit of giving me time to sort through one of these clutter-pockets. It’s at these times that I discover things like commendation letters that my extremely modest Husband forgets to tell me about. My current favorite is one I just found from then-Vice President Al Gore that basically says, “Hey Eric – thanks for being you.”

If I had more than 30 free seconds today I’d tell you about the “Darth Vader baby pictures” incident.

Today is Husband’s birthday so I thought I’d do a special FishInnards Friday Five edition.

Husband’s website is fishinnards because once upon a time he asked me to register a name for him and I asked him what name he wanted and he said, “Surprise me.” I didn’t think of it entirely on my own, however, I was inspired by this truly horrendous smelling fish innards curry he made on morning to take to the monks at the Thai Temple. Despite the fish innard curry, he’s a very good cook, which is good because I’m not.

Hey – here’s his blog post with the recipe. I just read his notes at the top of the recipe and had a laugh, Husband is the master of understatement: “It kinda stank up the house in a weird way.” Um, yeah.

You will note the recipe doesn’t contain either the imaginary ingredient “curry” nor the yucky grocery store concoction known as “curry powder.” If you ever want to see Husband turn several shades of purple, pretend that there’s one common ingredient in all of the curries of the world (there isn’t) and that you don’t like it. For advanced fun, tell him all curries taste the same. Then you should prepare to sit a spell, because you’re in for a very long lecture.

When Husband isn’t feeding me in the manner I’ve become accustomed (read: no fishinnard-based food stuffs), he makes music with his current band, Astroknotics. We’re supposed to be recording a project of our own, but we haven’t even started it, so I won’t link to that because it doesn’t exist yet except in my head, but you really don’t want to go rooting around in there.

He also produces the Indiefeed Dance channel, which itunes put on their “best of 2008” list for audio podcasts, so it must be good!

He’s also DJ to the beautiful people, and he shares his schedule and also the occasional mix with the rest of us via his myspace.

This is a really boring post, isn’t it? I was going to list some of the other things he’s really good at, but this being a family-friendly website, I won’t. Wait, it’s not family friendly at all. Ah well, that’s none of your business, anyway.

Have a nice weekend, kids!

I don’t have much to say about our jaunt over to the hipster-infested Hamiltonian Gallery opening . It was a worthy outing, though we didn’t stay long. It was nice to go to an opening where we know maybe 10% of the crowd, 15% tops. The show was packed, which was great, but it was hard to see the art so I don’t have much to say about it right now. I’d really like to install Nao Matsumoto’s “8” but Husband won’t let me buy it. (Go here and click on the thumbnails of the big yellow and black insect heads in the sculpture section, you can’t miss them). We chatted briefly with the artist, who seemed like a nice guy. It was also nice to chat with an artist who didn’t use the conversation as an opportunity to tell me everything that’s wrong with the DC art scene and then stand there staring at me as though I could snap my fingers and fix it with my magic powers. OK, I could snap my fingers and fix it, I just choose not to. I think I’ll say that next time the opportunity arises.

So, instead of discussing the art I didn’t really see, I’ll mention something amusing that happened recently. Husband was gone for a week and, not an hour after I put him on the plane, I got the first phone call from one of our friends making sure I had things to eat in the house. I probably got two to three calls a day from people making sure I was eating. We have very nice friends. Polite ones, as well, ’cause lets be real – I’m not exactly going to waste away to nothing in a week. I’m apparently the human equivalent of Paris Hilton’s chihuahua. I just sit around looking adorable and waiting for food to appear before me. Most of the time, it works. Now if you’ll pardon me, dinner just appeared before me…

Amidst all the hooha about curry being good for your brain, many articles, even in allegedly reputable sources such as webMD misidentified Curcuma Longa as “cumin” or “curry” rather than

I mention this because the rest of you are able to glance at such things and move on with your life. I live with a Food Anthropologist and this is the kind of thing that makes him INSANE.

He wandered around the house muttering under his breath about the yuckiness of so-called curry powder and could periodically be heard saying things like, “They want curry for their brains? I’ve got curry for their brains! I have recipes for brain curry! Lots of them!”

He’s promised to blog about it in great detail in the near future – the actual composition of various curries, not how to cook brains. I hope. You never know. Husband is a strange, strange boy.

Yeah, so, as you can see, the excitement here is non-stop.

Tune in Tomorrow, when I will babble about the 1st season of Lost in Space on DVD and the mysteries of the Debby the Monkey character.

The love of my life and my best friend for over a decade was born 35 years ago on this day. (He hasn’t updates his page in a while but you can send him birthday wishes, fishinnards AT or leave them here if you want).

Also born today, the fabulous KD.

Other less-notable birthdays include: Gustave Flaubert, Bob Barker, Connie Francis, Cathy Rigby, Frank Sinatra, Edward G Robinson, Sheila E., Edvard Munch, Rush Limbaugh, Henry Wells (of Wells-Fargo), and Dionne Warwick.

Radio History geeks know today as the day (in 1901) that Guglielmo Marconi sent the first succesful trans-Atlantic radio transmission. The hovercraft was patented in England on this day in 1955.