Bike Couriers, Stonehenge Apocalypse & Archaeology in the Movies

by meanlouise May 5, 2013 anthropology

Are bike messengers still a thing in the United States? Not as in, do they still exist – of course they still exist! (How else would people get weed delivered to their office in the middle of the day?) Let me start over: I’m sure there are still courier services – I wonder if their […]

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Crapfest, part 1: Open Graves & House of Bones

by meanlouise May 3, 2013 movies

[Embedded Trailer: House of Bones] Today we embarked on our Two Days of Crap Filmfest (aka Crapfest). Between our Netflix queue and our Tivo, Overlord II, we have an abundance of possibilities because I’ve been hording the worst of the worst for months. I made a spreadsheet to track the themes, key elements, and featured […]

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