Art openings this week

Wickedly talented DC artist Danny Jean-Jacques has a solo show opening up at Tryst. In Danny’s own words:

DC Artist D. Jean-Jacques opens his month long show at Tryst, Thursday, July 1, 7-9pm. The show is on view until August 3rd.

What is a H.A.C.K?

A H.A.C.K. is a “Heartbroken Artist Creativity Killed”. We’ve all been there, for some it is either the driving force that motivates us to do nothing
or the ideas that will keep you up at night. For others, it’s going through old ideas and trying to make them new and when you think you have something.. it’s not what you had in mind. Creativity is the one thing that can lift your spirits and break you down in ways you never thought possible.

This is a collection of work that goes with how I feel at the moment. Some ideas are old, and the dreams are new.. the one thing that’s constant is the killer known as CREATIVITY.

The second show you should check out this week is the new member’s group show at Studio Gallery. The show officially opened last Saturday, but there’s a second opening on Friday evening to coincide with the Dupont Circle art galleries regular First Friday activities (most galleries are open until at least 8 p.m.).

Be sure to check out Veronica Szalus’s new work while you’re there.

There’s a whole bunch of other arty type stuff happening this week but I didn’t have much time to post so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss these two shows!

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