I (heart) Franklin

November 6, 2010

Franklin is a cult figure to knitters. Thanks to this hilarious cartoon, he’s probably going to be a cult figure to the loved ones of knitters who have horrible gifts inflicted upon them.

I was talking about this [holiday gift knitting] with my therapist just last week. She suggested that I deal with my holiday angst in a constructive fashion by putting my heated inner dialogue down on paper so that I could properly analyze it. But I was out of paper, so instead I made an animated cartoon starring Albert Einstein and the Queen of England.

That will strike you as an odd coupling until I explain that whenever I experience a heated inner dialogue, that’s who the voices in my head sound like. (Although sometimes instead of Einstein I hear Fanny Brice; but the animation Web site doesn’t offer a Fanny Brice avatar.)

The result is that I still don’t have my holiday knitting under control and I have to find a new therapist.

You should go watch the movie, it’s funny.

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