I just died of cute

Delilah the Pug meets Peanut the Kitten.

Before you leave a snarky comment: yes, I know that kitten claws are dangerous to prominent pug eyes. Not my dog. Not my kitten. No one got hurt, so just enjoy the Xtreme Cuteness and chill out.

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  • Lily and i just watched it twice and giggles. She’s my animal lover.

  • Gabe

    They’re cool. Peanut’s claws are trimmed to the quick and she’s incredibly gentle with them – mostly handles our dogs (and people) only with her pads… But you’re right to worry; pugs are notorious for eye-damage… Glad you enjoyed the vid.


  • evilagent

    Give a dog a bone…

  • Has Delilah the Pug had puppies by any chance? She definitely has that unflappable Mom thing down pat!

    • rebecca

      Gabe – thanks so much for posting all the Delilah videos, she’s unbelievable adorable!

    • rebecca

      One of my friends said the exact same thing, Chris! Especially after the part where she responds to the kitten gnawing on her back leg by sitting down on her. :-)