Attack of the Giant Eagles

October 23, 2002

I have a long rambling post about compulsory licensing of music in the digital environment, but I figured if it was boring to me it was boring to everyone. So instead I began spinning elaborate conspiracy theories revolving around the appearance of the giant eagles in Alaska and the earthquake, but I’m too tired to explain them. Just trust me, I have an elaborate conspiracy theory. It involves eagles with 20 foot wingspans creating catastrophic geologic events. And Canadians. Because there are always Canadians in my conspiracy theories.

I have more links about Steller’s Sea Eagles but they’ll have to wait as they’re on the other computer and I really need to finish my work and eat dinner sometime before midnight. I’m a delicate flower you know and I do need my beauty sleep.

Before I go, I should remind you to watch out for odd occurances like raining frogs and shooting stars. The Bat and I are back in the same geographic area for a few days.

And yes, we do plan to gossip about him, and no, I won’t be repeating any of it so don’t bother asking.

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