Thinking about the Bechdel Test

by meanlouise December 7, 2013 academia

The Bechdel Test is (was) a hot conversation topic at the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association (MAPACA) conference (last month, which is when I wrote this post I’m only now getting around to editing & posting). In 1985, a strip from Alison Bechdel’s Dykes to Watch Out For comic titled “The Rule” featured two […]

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Pocket Chewbacca

by meanlouise November 26, 2013 horror & scifi

On Saturday night, things were wild here. Husband had a gig and I read about Godzilla until my brain was full. Then, it was time for the television. At MAPACA, one of the my co-panelists presented an interesting paper on the Paranormal Activity movies, so they were on my mind. I really enjoyed the first […]

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Think of the children!

by meanlouise November 22, 2013 movies

Idea: Casey Rae suggested I start a tumblr to capture the best phrases from parental advisory movie reviews. This gem from today’s Family Filmgoer would be a good place to start. “The dialogue includes a lot of midrange profanity…” I read that to Husband, and then this dialogue ensued in our living room: Husband: “That’s […]

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Halloween 2013

by meanlouise October 5, 2013 anthropology

Getting messages asking what this year’s Halloween theme is going to be and when I’m going to start posting. It’s October 5th already, isn’t it? But wait! I’m not 5 days behind! I can make this year’s theme Archaeology & Anthropology in Horror and then I’m actually ahead of the game because I’ve already been […]

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Barnyard epithets

by meanlouise August 24, 2013 movies

I have this insane compulsion to read the Family Filmgoer ratings in the Washington Post weekend section. Last night I came across this gem of a rating for Paranoia. The film strongly implies murders and attempted murders, although not in graphic detail. Characters drink and smoke. Someone talks about “getting laid.” There are stylized, nongraphic […]

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Sharknado + Swamp Shark

by meanlouise August 2, 2013 horror & scifi

Last month’s SyFy Craptacular of the week, Sharknado, is being released for a (probably) one-day only theatrical engagement. This means loads of fluffy press, such the Washington Post’s, “Sharknado’s next prey: Big-screen audience,” in which writer John Anderson and art-house owner Greg Laemmle seem to miss the point of craptaculars entirely (or can’t be bothered […]

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by meanlouise July 29, 2013 horror & scifi

The rumors are true. We also watch non-shitty movies. Last night we rewatched ParaNorman because it’s on Netflix streaming now. It’s a clever, dark, weird, and wonderful movie. Plus, I’m easily amused by Donovan references. I should have emailed the winners of the MeanLouise Blogiversary present drawing instead of writing this post. I’ll get to […]

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Supergator is the friend of all children

by meanlouise July 21, 2013 horror & scifi

Spoilers? Sure. Maybe. I doubt it. Supergator. Produced in the land before time (2007, when SyFy still had “i”s). Like many Sci Fi/SyFy originals, Roger Corman is producer/executive producer (depending on which credits you check). I mention this because when B-movie nerds, usually male and of a certain age, speak dismissively of SyFy craptaculars, they […]

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by meanlouise July 19, 2013 movies

Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams battle bigfoot. Supporting actors include Howard Hesseman, Sherilyn Fenn, Alice Cooper, and the worst CGI bigfoot you’ll ever hope to see. Over on The Twitter, everyone’s been in a swivet over this Slate article, “Save the Movie! The 2005 screenwriting book that’s taken over Hollywood—and made every movie feel the […]

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Snakehead Terror, revisited

by meanlouise July 14, 2013 horror & scifi

Saturday night we returned to a simpler time, the time of Snakehead Terror. We enjoyed this gem when it debuted on SyFy (nee SciFi) in 2004. Would we enjoy it the second time around, nearly 10 years later? Yes. This classic made-for-TV craptacular featured Bruce Boxleitner’s carefree feathered mane as the sheriff and supermodel-turned-actress Carol […]

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