Five Star Friday

by meanlouise January 6, 2012 cyberculture

Between the behind-the-scenes work here and on the meatblog and the complete rebuilding of” post-hacking, I’ve been online more than ever this week but with less than ever to show for it here. Go figure. Fortunately, there’s Schmutzie’s ever-fab five star friday post to fill the gaping void I’m leaving in your life. Go […]

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But no spandex! (And that's probably good)

by meanlouise June 26, 2009 jesus files, the

It’s all gonna go to hell at over at Focus on the Family. They’ve changed their dress code and that’s gonna lead to nothing but trouble: Focus on the Family has a new look – or at least its employees do. Beginning today, men who work at Focus no longer have to wear mandatory business […]

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It's not that I'm ignoring you

by meanlouise February 10, 2009 food and drink

I’ve had critical meatblog business to attend to lately. Serious business, is meatblogging.

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Friday 5.3

by meanlouise January 23, 2009 art

Artomatic alum/Post Secret superstar Frank Warren is speaking tonight at Lisner auditorium: Literature Frank Warren on PostSecret The Germantown-based creator of the PostSecret project encouraged people to write out their deepest secrets on postcards and drop them in the mail to him — and here’s the thing: They did. Warren, who has compiled several books […]

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Saturday Six(ish)

by meanlouise January 10, 2009 food and drink

Over at Copper Brick Road there was a link to Be Different…Act Normal’s recent post about making your own girl scout cookies. The recipes are actually at here at bakingbites. I want to try the thin mint(ies), but I’m betting Husband will vote for the homemade samoas. Maybe later. The idea of cookies makes me […]

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There should be a Friday Five here

by meanlouise January 9, 2009 linkage

But there isn’t.

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Friday Five: Blog365 edition, part 1

by meanlouise January 2, 2009 linkage

I was going to post about how I was taking the day off from posting, but that was simultaneously absurd and meta, so instead here’s five randomly chosen blog365 bloggers for you to visit and admire: Ramblings by Reba features a concept not exactly alien to my own readers: ramblings, by someone named Rebecca. Seriously, […]

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Friday Five: fabric edition (mostly)

by meanlouise December 19, 2008 art

Thanks to JenInMaine, I’ve been coveting some fabrics by Amy Butler. Which ones? All of them, I think. If you love quilting-weight cotton you can always have your own designs printed on-demand by spoonflower. I’m lazy so I haven’t ordered any, but it’s a very nice idea. I’ve been coveting Jenae Michelle’s amazing purses, hand-crafted […]

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Friday Five: FishInnards Edition

by meanlouise December 12, 2008 linkage

Today is Husband’s birthday so I thought I’d do a special FishInnards Friday Five edition. Husband’s website is fishinnards because once upon a time he asked me to register a name for him and I asked him what name he wanted and he said, “Surprise me.” I didn’t think of it entirely on my own, […]

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Friday Five

by meanlouise December 5, 2008 linkage

Since last weekend was a holiday weekend, I took the week off from the Friday Five. It was the second week since I’d revived the feature, so I was due for a break anyway, right? Right. So, earlier this week I linked to Quelle Erqsome, she of fearless literary scholarship, dissertation writing, and equally fearless […]

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