It’s all gonna go to hell at over at Focus on the Family. They’ve changed their dress code and that’s gonna lead to nothing but trouble:

Focus on the Family has a new look – or at least its employees do.

Beginning today, men who work at Focus no longer have to wear mandatory business attire, including tie, and women employees don’t have to stick with just dresses or skirts and hosiery. Men can now come to work donning an open collar shirt – but no spandex – and women can arrive decked in dress pants and pantsuits.

In a related note, when I tried to tag this post “pants,” wordpress suggested I used the tag “squirrel underpants” instead. That says something about my blogging habits that I don’t wish to contemplate on a Friday evening.

I first saw the Focus on the Family story at Spare Candy. You should go read her funny post about the Hottest Girls iphone app.

Artomatic alum/Post Secret superstar Frank Warren is speaking tonight at Lisner auditorium:

Literature Frank Warren on PostSecret The Germantown-based creator of the PostSecret project encouraged people to write out their deepest secrets on postcards and drop them in the mail to him — and here’s the thing: They did. Warren, who has compiled several books collecting the confessions (which range from funny to tragic), visits George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium tonight to talk about the project and his work in suicide awareness. $10; GWU students $7. 7:30 p.m. Lisner Auditorium, 730 21st St. NW. 202-397-7328 or visit the Lisner box office, 202-994-6800.

There are lots of ways to use the web to reach your audience. If you want to use your art/craft/project website to propel yourself to superstardom, sitting at home whining that it’s not fair that Frank gets all the attention isn’t really the path. You’re going to have to do lots of behind the scenes work. Fortunately for you, there’s no one right answer.

If you’re doing the etsy thing and you haven’t bookmarked Tina Seamonster’s project, Hello Craft, you really should. Lots of great info there.

You should also consider hitting up an event Tina posted about earlier this week. The Creative Alliance is hosting this event in Baltimore on Sunday:

The Business of Craft (Presented by The Baltimore ETSY Street Team)

Sun Jan 25. 10am-2:30pm.
Adv reg $25, $20 CA & BEST mbrs. Walk-in $30, $25 CA & BEST mbrs. Includes lunch.
Practical information for the creative entrepreneur featuring roundtable discussions led by experts on legal and accounting basics; marketing, wholesale and pricing; and looking your best– on the web and in promo photos. Speakers include: Cynthia Blake Sanders, MD Lawyers for the Arts; Rebecca Cason, former director of the Buyer’s Market of American Craft; Jen Menkhaus, working crafter and one of the founders of the Baltimore Street Team, as well as a professional photographer, accountant, and web designer. Over lunch, get connected with other local artists and crafters to make new friends, show off your work, and share ideas.

The directions and registration info are at that link.

I’ve gotten lots of requests for legal and technical panels or workshops for next Artomatic related to showing or selling your work online. I’m keeping a list of suggested topics, so keep sending them my way. I’m not going to manage the workshops but I’m sure I’ll be helping out or at least putting out feelers for good speakers or presenters.

But back to Hello Craft – Tina reports that Etsy has at long last integrated Google Analytics into the stores and she links to the tutorial to help crafters use the tool effectively.

And now, back to the original topic: Post Secret. CBS still has the full episode available on-line of the fall episode of CSI: NY, titled “Dead Inside”. That’s the episode wherein a murder leads to “an art-house project called SecretU” where an artist posts anonymous confessions mailed to her on artsy post-cards.

Over at Copper Brick Road there was a link to Be Different…Act Normal’s recent post about making your own girl scout cookies. The recipes are actually at here at bakingbites. I want to try the thin mint(ies), but I’m betting Husband will vote for the homemade samoas. Maybe later. The idea of cookies makes me a little queasy right now – we just got home from lunch at the cheesetique, with a detour by the Dairy Godmother for some sorbet to stash in the freezer while they’re closed for winter break. (The Dairy Godmother reopens February 6th).

I was going to post about how I was taking the day off from posting, but that was simultaneously absurd and meta, so instead here’s five randomly chosen blog365 bloggers for you to visit and admire:

Ramblings by Reba features a concept not exactly alien to my own readers: ramblings, by someone named Rebecca. Seriously, Reba doesn’t really ramble, that’s just her blog title. What she does do a lot is share her lifestories through photo-essays. She also wrote the first blog365 roundup I came across and I swiped some links from her. :-)

Suzanne Sez starts out the new year with a hilarious post about lucky underwear. She does have a couple kids, so I was going to make a joke about how she knows of what she speaks, but, no, she doesn’t mean that kind of lucky.

Small Reflections is written by a marathon-blogger who blogs at more sites than I can keep track of!

Ari of Beyond My Slab almost made me snort coffee out of my nose with her summary of the blog365 saga:

Lots of people who signed up dropped out almost immediately. A few months into the year, the feed was full of pompous “I prefer quality over quantity” farewells from people who wanted to make sure that we all knew the reason they couldn’t manage to blog daily was because they were too busy having great sex (btw, if you don’t have the stamina to have great sex and blog in the same 24-hour period, it’s time to see the doctor).

Ever the productive one, Jennifer has already issued a new challenge for the new year to knitters with UFOs (UnFinished Objects): finish or frog it. (with the related ravelry knit-along group, of course.

I think this post undersells the achievements of these 5 uber-bloggers, but perhaps we can pretend a link is worth a thousand words today. Happy Friday!

Thanks to JenInMaine, I’ve been coveting some fabrics by Amy Butler. Which ones? All of them, I think.

If you love quilting-weight cotton you can always have your own designs printed on-demand by spoonflower. I’m lazy so I haven’t ordered any, but it’s a very nice idea.

I’ve been coveting Jenae Michelle’s amazing purses, hand-crafted with gorgeous vintage wool. She had her summer line of super-cute quilted bags marked way down last I saw her at the Downtown Holiday Market, but I’m holding out for one of this winter’s bags. You really need to see them in person to appreciate the depth of the textures and the luxuriousness of the fabrics. Plus, you get the added bonus of a surprise each time you open a bag, because the linings are as beautiful as the exteriors. She’s also at the Torpedo Factory and Eastern Market.

As I was writing this post I clicked over to panda head, a local fashion blog, to find a post from last week I wanted to link to in the fabric round-up. I immediately got derailed by this post about local artist Johanna Mueller, who is not a fabric designer. I was just introduced to her at the Sackler Museum by Michele while we were checking out the Garden and Cosmos: the Royal Paintings of Jodphur at the Sackler Gallery. Small strange world.

Now I’ve been derailed from my original subject, and more specifically from the last link that I picked for today’s post, ecostilleto’s list of Things that Suck. Cotton’s on the list, so maybe I didn’t end up as far afield as I thought.

Today is Husband’s birthday so I thought I’d do a special FishInnards Friday Five edition.

Husband’s website is fishinnards because once upon a time he asked me to register a name for him and I asked him what name he wanted and he said, “Surprise me.” I didn’t think of it entirely on my own, however, I was inspired by this truly horrendous smelling fish innards curry he made on morning to take to the monks at the Thai Temple. Despite the fish innard curry, he’s a very good cook, which is good because I’m not.

Hey – here’s his blog post with the recipe. I just read his notes at the top of the recipe and had a laugh, Husband is the master of understatement: “It kinda stank up the house in a weird way.” Um, yeah.

You will note the recipe doesn’t contain either the imaginary ingredient “curry” nor the yucky grocery store concoction known as “curry powder.” If you ever want to see Husband turn several shades of purple, pretend that there’s one common ingredient in all of the curries of the world (there isn’t) and that you don’t like it. For advanced fun, tell him all curries taste the same. Then you should prepare to sit a spell, because you’re in for a very long lecture.

When Husband isn’t feeding me in the manner I’ve become accustomed (read: no fishinnard-based food stuffs), he makes music with his current band, Astroknotics. We’re supposed to be recording a project of our own, but we haven’t even started it, so I won’t link to that because it doesn’t exist yet except in my head, but you really don’t want to go rooting around in there.

He also produces the Indiefeed Dance channel, which itunes put on their “best of 2008” list for audio podcasts, so it must be good!

He’s also DJ to the beautiful people, and he shares his schedule and also the occasional mix with the rest of us via his myspace.

This is a really boring post, isn’t it? I was going to list some of the other things he’s really good at, but this being a family-friendly website, I won’t. Wait, it’s not family friendly at all. Ah well, that’s none of your business, anyway.

Have a nice weekend, kids!

Since last weekend was a holiday weekend, I took the week off from the Friday Five. It was the second week since I’d revived the feature, so I was due for a break anyway, right? Right.

So, earlier this week I linked to Quelle Erqsome, she of fearless literary scholarship, dissertation writing, and equally fearless sock knitting. I’m hopelessly behind on my sock knitting, and fear being booted from her Interweave Socks-A-Long, so maybe this would be a good time to suck up about what a great blog she has. You should read it, religiously. Great, great blog. Great, great gal. Smart as a whip. A gentlewoman and a scholar.

But I digress…I replied to a bookmeme, which she picked up from Pymette, who incidentally knitted the cutest coffeepot cozy ever for her French Press. But again, I digress.

The overwhelming reaction to the bookmeme from my readers has been to ask me, “Why haven’t you read Vanity Fair?” This is a good question and I have no good answer, so next up on my reading list: Vanity Fair.

While I’m reading Vanity Fair, you should go visit JenInMaine, who’s posted pictures of her newly spun yarns. They look yummy. When she gets her etsy shop reopened you can even buy those lovely yarns – she’s in the process of moving to Just because she had a baby she thinks we’ll cut her some slack. The nerve of some people…

If you knit, you no doubt read Franklin’s blog, Panopticon, and, of course, the Yarn Harlot. The Yarn Harlot has been kind enough to take a brief break from knitblogging to explain Whatthe hell is going on in Canadian Politics these days, which was very helpful because I was very confused. (There are 649 comments on that post, so I clearly wasn’t the only one).

The theme of this roundup was supposed to be bookblogs. Or maybe it was knitting blogs. Often they’re the same. Honestly, I’ve forgotten what the theme was supposed to be because I’m not feeling well and the phone has been ringing off the hook and I have 83 emails messages since I went to bed and I’m about to declare defeat and go back to bed. Or, maybe I’ll tune out all the noise and check in with Crazy Aunt Pearl, that will make me feel better. Her blog description is, “The true-life diary of a thirty-something, newly divorced, displaced Southern obsessive-compulsive knitter who has four cats. (Because nothing is sexier than a divorced woman with four cats.)” See what I mean? Don’t you feel better already just reading that? Imagine how much better you, and by “you” I mean “I”, will feel after spending a few minutes at her actual site.