Lionel Richie's head

June 19, 2010

Husband just emailed me a hilarious Craig’s List ad and it reminded me of a project a coworker and I had many years ago. (Coincidentally, when I searched the archives I found that the post about our project is the same one that contains that creepy donut link I re-posted earlier today).

Ceramic bald Lionel Richie bust wanted

Date: 2010-02-01, 9:40AM CST

I am looking for a replica of the bust made in the Lionel Richie “Hello” video.

However I’d like it to be bald as I intend to recreate that lovable afromullet with some sort of cream cheese dip at parties. Not that I have many parties, but if I had this, I might start. I’d like it to be maybe about a foot tall. It really has to look like that bust (which oddly enough doesn’t look like Lionel Richie at all) or it won’t be worth it. Hopefully it can be the same orangish-brown matte finish that is in the video but I understand making it safe for a cheesy-afro might lead to some compromises.

Please email me with a bid including a breakdown the cost of supplies and labor. I can also exchange for computer repair (mac/pc, virus/malware repair, etc) or maybe a 12″ G4 iBook,

Thank you to Curtis for informing me that terracotta would not be a good choice for a food-safe sculpture.
Take care.

How awesome is that? You may be thinking, “That’s one of those stupid things people make up to post on Craig’s List to be funny.” I don’t think so, because I think such an object would be fantastic.

I may not be the best judge, however, because Coworker Who is Not My Boyfriend and I once spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to construct an all-cheese replica of the Lombardi trophy.

We never made the cheese trophy – I’m sure we found something new to scheme about and forgot about it. I hope this guy had better luck:

I’m wondering if the people who make these disturbing cremation urns could create serving bowls on commission. I’m also wondering why on earth they used Barack Obama as their model, because that just raises all kind of questions.

$2600 is a lot to spend for a snack bowl that looks like Barack Obama, but it might be a bargain if you get a personalized one that looked like Uncle Fred or whoever you wished.

Personal Cremation Urn

Personal Cremation Urn

Yeah, I’ve been saving that link for a special occasion.

You’re welcome.

Here’s the “Hello” video, in case you’ve forgotten it: