RIP, Eduardo

by meanlouise March 15, 2011 monkeys (also: apes)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the news around the world has been bad lately. After days of unrelenting horror on the news, we’re all pretty worn down. I hate to share a little more bad news, but learning about the death of Eduardo the Golden Lion Tamarin made me very sad. […]

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Xtreme lion cub cuteness

by meanlouise January 11, 2011 wild kingdom

If you don’t live in Washington, DC you might not have been wallowing in the crazy cuteness of the 7 lion cubs born at the National Zoo. Back in August, lions Shera and Luke had a litter of 4 cubs. Then, in September, Naba and Luke had a litter of 3 cubs. The cubs are […]

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Hello, Kitty!

by meanlouise March 25, 2009 wild kingdom

I just love this photo of one of the newborn clouded leopard cubs (it’s from the Washington Post): Here’s a link to the Washington Post photo gallery and here’s the related article, Endangered and Adorable.” You can read more about the clouded leopards and the breeding program out at Front Royal at the National Zoo’s […]

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by meanlouise August 31, 2008 wild kingdom

Tangentially related to the Sarah Palin fracas, I’ve been enjoying Knut’s website, which is way nicer than mine. Knut is a polar bear at the Berlin zoo. Too bad zoos will be the only place left for polar bears to live soon, but I guess God wants it that way or something so it’s ok.

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wake me when it's over

by meanlouise August 26, 2008 true life 2008

Back soon, I hope. Thanks for the good thoughts. (This post has obviously been scheduled ahead of time, since I should be in the O.R. by now)

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Happy Asian Elephant Day!

by meanlouise August 23, 2008 true life 2008

Today is Asian Elephant Day at the zoo. It’s Ambika’s 60th birthday and she really wants to celebrate with you, so don’t disappoint her. Representatives from the Sri Lankan embassy will be on hand, and Sri Lankan dancers will perform traditional dances every half hour between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Shanthi, Kandula’s mother, was […]

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Only at the Washington National Zoo

by meanlouise July 4, 2007 true life 2007

A little girl who couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 years old, after looking at the Tigers: “I want them to be in the wild and have healthcare and food.” What kid uses the word healthcare? Besides that one. It was spooky. I guess she could have seen Madagascar a few too many […]

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this is probably species-ist of us

by meanlouise November 12, 2005 true life 2005

But Husband and I think that they should have let the cheetahs keep the deer. A deer got into the cheetah yard at the National Zoo yesterday and was pounced on by a mother cheetah before the deer escaped into Rock Creek Park, according to a witness and a zoo spokeswoman. The young buck appeared […]

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