Xtreme lion cub cuteness

If you don’t live in Washington, DC you might not have been wallowing in the crazy cuteness of the 7 lion cubs born at the National Zoo. Back in August, lions Shera and Luke had a litter of 4 cubs. Then, in September, Naba and Luke had a litter of 3 cubs.

The cubs are named John, Fahari, Zurie, Lelie, Aslan, and Lusaka.

Right now they only get to go out into the lion yard on a limited basis. As they get older, they’re starting to stay out longer. As long as it’s sunny and not raining or snowing, they’re out between approximately 12:30 and 1:30 each day. They’re growing fast, so you’d better hurry if you want to see them while they’re still small(ish) and crazy.

How crazy?

I’ve taken about 100 short videos of them but I haven’t gone through them and culled the ones where people’s heads suddenly block the frame or the camera jerks as I blurt, “Oh My God They Are So Cute!” at Michele Banks. You know, in case she’s forgotten how cute they are.

It was bitterly cold & windy but Husband and I stopped by the zoo on Sunday. Watch the cub on the lower tier, s/he’s adorable. S/he starts out in the little cement cave in the beginning of the video & then at around 2:30 – after mom hops down and they tussle behind a tree – there’s another outbreak of cuteness. Not that they aren’t all cute, because ohmygod that’s a lot of cuteness!

(I may need to re-upload the video. It looked fine but now it’s all pixelated. Hmmm. Maybe my internet connection is just crappy tonight. Please tell me if the video quality is bad).

This isn’t the most exciting video, but I wanted to share it with my mom so I put it on youtube. And since I put it on youtube, I figured I’d share it with you, because I care. Or maybe just because I can. You’ll never know, will you?

Yes, in the ideal world there wouldn’t be a need for zoos and these beautiful lions would live someplace wild, but it’s not and they don’t. Disclaimer: Husband and I donate money to the National Zoo and we’re very fond of it’s critters.

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