Today, a dream of mine came true. I was in Old Town running one of the million errands necessary for our home improvement/renovation/foray into mental illness when I heard an extremely pretentious interior designer say, in complete seriousness, “burlap is the new black.”

I laughed so hard I started crying. I may actually have become hysterical. I had to sit down on the floor of the shop to regain some semblance of my composure. It wasn’t pretty, which of course only made me laugh harder.

You see, it’s been my ambition to insert the phrase “burlap is the new black” into common usage for years.

We all know by now that by “ambition” I mean, “something I mention at random intervals but never actually act on.” What.Ever. I still feel like this was a big win of some sort.

( I wish I could find the post about this from last year, I swear it had some really funny comments in it from Sean. Maybe that was an email and not a blog post).