by meanlouise August 29, 2012 florida files

Speaking of unleashing things into Rock Creek Park, I thought I’d post a link to the story about the python that showed up in Rock Creek Park this week. It’s a nice change of pace from obsessing over all of the exotic invasives in the Everglades, I guess. Speaking of which, if you haven’t had […]

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I'll believe this when it really happens

by meanlouise June 24, 2008 florida files

“Florida to Buy Sugar Maker in Bid to Restore Everglades.” I’m deeply curious to hear what JunglePete has to say about this. He hasn’t blogged about it yet, I think he’s busy photoshopping my head onto this image. Who the hell left him in charge of the reunion book in the first place? I mean, […]

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we’ll see who’s laughing when we’ve all been eaten by giant snakes

by meanlouise March 6, 2001 wild kingdom

Burmese pythons have been quietly advancing their quest for world domination since at least the early 1980s. I slept better when I was a kid, before my father’s herpetologist friend shared this soon after they caught an escaped burmese python named Julius Squeezer in our neighborhood. I wish the archives of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune were […]

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