Cautious optimism about the postponement of Nazi War Diggers

by meanlouise April 1, 2014 academia

updated 2:30 p.m. EST with two more links at the end of the post. I was on campus until rather late last night and didn’t get a chance to update the list of articles critiquing and opposing the National Geographic Channel’s Nazi War Diggers, a proposed 4 part series which appeared to portray archaeology as […]

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Nazi War Diggers, part II

by meanlouise March 28, 2014 academia

Yesterday, I posted about a new NatGeo TV show, Nazi War Diggers. The list of blog posts and open letters criticizing the show continues to grow. Alison Atkin (Deathsplanation, doctoral researcher at The University of Sheffield Department of Archaeology) “Dear National Geographic Channel UK.” This post also contains a pdf of the letter the National […]

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Nazi War Diggers

by meanlouise March 27, 2014 academia

That title sounds like the lead-in to a post about craptacular SyFy movies. Or maybe a political post about the rhetoric around the NeoLiberal military-industrial complex. Sadly, it’s about neither of those things. Nazi War Diggers is an upcoming 4-part series on National Geographic International. TV Wise announced it will begin airing on May 13th. […]

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PunditMom seeks to fuel my nightmares

by meanlouise October 28, 2008 politics

My headache is still pounding, but I can see straight, so it’s horror movie marathon time for the rest of the day. I’m going to have to watch some really scary ones to shake loose the case of the wiggens given to me by PunditMom’s post, “Can You Say Senator Sarah Palin?” The thought crossed […]

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mea culpa (a serious post)

by meanlouise August 22, 2008 true life 2008

I had a lengthy preface to this post, but there wasn’t a point. I’ve done something ethically questionable and I wish to apologize. As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’m very fond of our Tivo, Overlord. Never once have I mentioned that we own stock in Tivo. Not a lot of stock. Technically, it’s not even […]

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by meanlouise April 19, 2004 medicine

I’m up to Buffy season 5 (and rewatching Angel season 2 so that it all makes sense) and now I understand the whole “spike with a chip in his head thing.” That, in addition to the usual ethical digressions I would go on, dulls my enthusiasm for the latest developments in brain implants a bit. […]

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