mea culpa (a serious post)

August 22, 2008

I had a lengthy preface to this post, but there wasn’t a point. I’ve done something ethically questionable and I wish to apologize.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’m very fond of our Tivo, Overlord. Never once have I mentioned that we own stock in Tivo. Not a lot of stock. Technically, it’s not even my stock, as it’s in Husband’s portfolio but that doesn’t excuse my lapse. I have little patience with people who extol the virtues of products or services on their site, all the while either surreptitiously taking money from the makers of such products or services or hoping to profit from the sale of stock they’ve acquired.

Trust me, we’re not going to get rich on our Tivo stock. Hell, I’d forgotten we even owned it until I was doing a little mental inventory of my site looking for ethical red flags. If anything, my deranged attachment to Overlord might actually serve as a critical cautionary tale about why you may not want to bring Tivo into your home.

Humorously, the issue that set me thinking and prompted me to read through my site looking for said red flags is one that, upon reflection, I believe to be completely above-board. Last week I posted a small blurb about tickets going on sale for the District Sample Sale, which is a benefit for the DC Rape Crisis Center.

I took some shift for that from old-time readers who suggested I was getting soft in some sorta post-feminist old age. Like hell. I’m not going to get all fluffed up and bitchy about anyone reading shopping for charity as a sexist throw-back – I can see that perspective and many times I even share it. I’m not going to engage in a discussion about the politics of this event, of my endorsement of this event, or my promotion of this event because I’m a benefactress. Although I enjoy playing devil’s advocate, this time I just don’t have it in me. I support the cause, I approve of the way the organization who runs the event goes about their business, and, let’s be frank, mama always needs a new pair of shoes.

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