I was going to post about how I was taking the day off from posting, but that was simultaneously absurd and meta, so instead here’s five randomly chosen blog365 bloggers for you to visit and admire:

Ramblings by Reba features a concept not exactly alien to my own readers: ramblings, by someone named Rebecca. Seriously, Reba doesn’t really ramble, that’s just her blog title. What she does do a lot is share her lifestories through photo-essays. She also wrote the first blog365 roundup I came across and I swiped some links from her. :-)

Suzanne Sez starts out the new year with a hilarious post about lucky underwear. She does have a couple kids, so I was going to make a joke about how she knows of what she speaks, but, no, she doesn’t mean that kind of lucky.

Small Reflections is written by a marathon-blogger who blogs at more sites than I can keep track of!

Ari of Beyond My Slab almost made me snort coffee out of my nose with her summary of the blog365 saga:

Lots of people who signed up dropped out almost immediately. A few months into the year, the feed was full of pompous “I prefer quality over quantity” farewells from people who wanted to make sure that we all knew the reason they couldn’t manage to blog daily was because they were too busy having great sex (btw, if you don’t have the stamina to have great sex and blog in the same 24-hour period, it’s time to see the doctor).

Ever the productive one, Jennifer has already issued a new challenge for the new year to knitters with UFOs (UnFinished Objects): finish or frog it. (with the related ravelry knit-along group, of course.

I think this post undersells the achievements of these 5 uber-bloggers, but perhaps we can pretend a link is worth a thousand words today. Happy Friday!

Blog365 ends today and I haven’t got anything momentous to say.

It was a year of posts about squirrels and Huckaphobia and Artomatic and Frankenstein and coffee and lolcats and movies and politics and pop culture. So, basically the same as every other year.

I just tallied up my posts for the year: 533. Plus this one. So that’s 534. I don’t think those automatically generated twitter summaries should count, so let’s subtract 5.

That leaves me with 529 posts for 2008, if I can resist coming back to post again today. For a moment I thought 529 was a prime number, but it’s not, it’s a square number. The square root of 529 is 23, which is itself a prime number, so that makes 529 interesting by association, I think. 530 is much less interesting than 529, so perhaps I should leave it at that and just say, “See you next year!”

I had a question recently about why I had a [tag]blog365[/tag] badge on here even though it appears I’ve missed a few days.

Here’s why: the rules say you can spread your year of reckless posting abandon across multiple sites. So I’m not just here, I’m here and here, too. And, although I’m neglecting them something awful, I’m also supposed to be here and here. Essentially, all those places that are linked up yonder in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Plus, I figure since I talk to myself a lot that should count for something, too.