Blog365 ends today and I haven’t got anything momentous to say.

It was a year of posts about squirrels and Huckaphobia and Artomatic and Frankenstein and coffee and lolcats and movies and politics and pop culture. So, basically the same as every other year.

I just tallied up my posts for the year: 533. Plus this one. So that’s 534. I don’t think those automatically generated twitter summaries should count, so let’s subtract 5.

That leaves me with 529 posts for 2008, if I can resist coming back to post again today. For a moment I thought 529 was a prime number, but it’s not, it’s a square number. The square root of 529 is 23, which is itself a prime number, so that makes 529 interesting by association, I think. 530 is much less interesting than 529, so perhaps I should leave it at that and just say, “See you next year!”

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  • Woohoo! I did it! I posted at least once every single day in 2008 – plus an additionaly 83 posts for a total of 449 posts. Whew! That was a great inspiration and it was lots of fun. Thanks for the impetus.

  • Happy New Year and I hope 2009 brings peace between you and my sciurid friends.

  • rebecca

    Congrats Jennifer!