I think this is my favorite pic of Sherill and I at Zombie Prom. I’m so glad I asked Spiggycat to snap our picture, she’s a genius with portraiture. That dress weighs over 5 pounds, now I remember why I never wear it – it’s exhausting!

Husband went low-fi. He wore some gauze to hold his decaying limbs on and pinned a nametag to his shirt that said “Rob.”

In Friday’s Washington Post the Reliable Source reported on the mysterious letters being sent by someone calling themself “The Benefactor.”

Suspiciously, a letter alleging to be from the Benefactor showed up at the office on Friday. In the opening shift confusion the envelope was dropped into the mailbox for Board members with my name on it. I’m not clear whether a volunteer read it, didn’t understand it and wrote my name on the envelope or whether it arrived pre-addressed. (It only had my first name). That’s all I know, so here’s a picture of the letter:

The Benefactor, originally uploaded by meanlouise.

Is it real? Is it a hoax? The letter (which was slipped under the office door sometime Friday) reads:

June 19, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish to convey my regrets for any concern I have caused the artists of Artomatic. I meant no harm. You may well imagine my surprise at seeing my small gesture reported upon in the Washington Post.

Allow me to explain myself. Since the passing of my husband of 43 years I have not been as socially active as I once was. My daughter, Margaret, accompanied me to the Artomatic Fair some weeks ago. I was enchanted by the work I was able to view. I was not able to tour the entire show but the work that I saw touched my heart and brightened my day. My income is limited so Margaret suggested I send a small token of my appreciation to some of the artists who touched me most.

I have asked Margaret to leave this note with the Directors of Artomatic. I do so hope that I have caused no lasting distress to all of the delightful artists in your show.

I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.

With warmest regards,

The Benefactor

Mark your calendars, Saturday June 13th is Artist Night at Artomatic. The “meet the artists” portion of the evening is officially 7-9 p.m.

Husband and I are excited that we’ll get to see Dr. Birdcage and Phil. We’re having another slumber party that night and we’re hoping Phil will read us bedtime stories from my collection of extra-terrestrial ethnographies.

“Dr Birdcage and Phil” has an excellent ring to it. Like Tony Orlando and Dawn, except not at all like that. Maybe like that a little. I’ll think about it a bit more and get back to you.

Can’t think about it right now, I’m distracted. It’s possible that Sherill and I may be getting slightly too enthusiastic about Artist Night. Specifically, about our dresses.

We’ve been overheard making statements such as, “Add the other corset and you could set your drink on my breasts!” and “My dress won’t fit into the trunk of my car” and “I won’t be able to wear a tiara and a veil at the same time.” These could perhaps be indicators that we’re out of control. I don’t have the energy for all this, so I was starting to loose momentum about dressing up. I actually started having second thoughts about the whole Bee Widow outfit after I took one of the crinolines out of the underskirt and decided it was still a bit awkward to wear all evening. Then I remembered something very important. I remembered that the actual Meet the Artist time is 2 hours and I could, you know, change clothes at some point into a less formal gown or maybe even…jeans.

Yes, there are far, far more important things to think about than ballgowns and boobs and bees, but they aren’t nearly as fun.

Today’s Reliable Source includes a piece about the Obama’s dining choices since they moved to DC. There’s an error at the end, when they note that Friday’s Five Guy’s trip was in Arlington. The President was at the Capitol Riverfront Five Guy’s on Friday – the one next to . A number of our visiting UK artists happened to be there for lunch and met the President. They were positively over the moon about the whole thing.

(The website had the correct info on Friday).

Tonight’s the big night – Artomatic opens at 55 M Street SE.

Our installation,The Birds and the Bees, is in space 9 15, which means it’s on the 9th Floor in the corner, facing the baseball stadium. It’s a sound installation, but unfortunately some technical difficulties with the building’s air vents have made my corner the noisiest spot on the 9th floor. Not sure what we’re going to be able to do about it, so the sound may just be off for opening weekend.

I’m hoping we’ll have all the bugs worked out soon (sorry, I’m tired).

Regardless, tonight’s going to be loud and crazy fun so I’m not going to stress about my installation not working. Take Metro, wear comfortable shoes, and we’ll see you on the 9th floor!

55 M Street SE
DC 20006
Navy Yard Metro (green line)

Do mark your calendar for Meet the Artists Night, which is June 13th. We’re positively buzzing with excitement over our plans for that party.

Artomatic opens and all is madness. Several people have remarked recently that organizing Artomatic is sorta like childbirth. We immediately develop a bit of amnesia about the pain of this final week before opening – it’s the only way we can do it all over again the following year.

I do like artists. I swear, but the rule-breakers are out in force and I’m continually disappointed by the utter lack of excuse-generating creativity from these otherwise creative people.

I’m not out trolling for scofflaws, I’m trying to get my work done. But when I see them doing something egregious, I have to bust them because I’m a Grown-Up. The other day, 3 different artists tried to use a variation on the excuse, “Rebecca and/or Tracy told me I could.” I must admit I like this one, although it gets harder and harder to keep a straight face as I reply, “And when did I tell you this, exactly?”

It would be fun to watch them squirm if I wasn’t so fucking tired. Rebecca and Tracy aren’t co-chairing the Steering Committee this year, kids. Furthermore, I’m excruciatingly careful not to grant anyone any favors that step on the toes of the current Steering Committee. Yes, you’ve been seeing me around the site a lot more than I intended to lately as I help out the site committee, but that’s Artomatic, isn’t it? Whoever can manage the site at any given moment gets to be the manager. Go team, etc etc ad infinitum.

My installation isn’t going to be finished in time, but while I was typing this post I figured out a whole new direction to take it in. A direction that’s not only going to be fun (I hope), but is easily completed. Yeah, me!

Evil Agent and Michele B are on the way over so I must, um, do something. I can’t remember what, but I’m sure I’m supposed to be doing something. Bathrooms are clean. Laundry is put away.

Oh, right. Open a bottle of wine. I think we’re going to double-check this whole assertion that alcohol isn’t the answer to one’s problems.

I got nothing else right now. Here, have a lolcat:

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