artomatic update + real life horror: fractured foot edition

This story is so tragic it could almost be a country song.

About a year ago, I developed a stress fracture. (That’s not the tragic part).

It healed eventually, but then I developed a neuroma and/or some tendinitis. (That’s not the tragic part, either).

My foot apparently didn’t heal properly and now my right foot is slightly wider where my cuboid meets my tarsometatarsal joint. (Still not the tragic part).

The tragic part is that my adorable red Frye harness boots no longer fit. I would have been sad about this longer, but the day after I discovered this I saw a colleague from Nashville who’d been coveting a pair of red Frye harness boots. They fit her beautifully and we all lived happily ever after.

Oh right, about those Artomatic rumors….

Must be something about the crisp Fall air that puts Artomatic rumors into the wind. I don’t have any Artomatic news to report but I would like to remind you that the best way to stay informed is to hit the Artomatic website and sign up for the monthly newsletter. When things start hopping, you’ll be among the first to know.

Of course, I’ve been on sabbatical this year from the Board so I can’t rule everything out since there might be super-secret things happening even I don’t know about, but I doubt it. I’ll return to duty soon, so I’ll keep you posted. Or, you can just sign up for the newsletter….

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